Friday, May 25, 2012

Carolina on our MInds

Ed and I flew to North Carolina to visit my brother, David, and his wife Rachael today. We had never seen their home, and they've been here 11 years. In fact, we waited so long that they now have two homes here.

We started the day at Duke University where we saw David's giant camera that is so detailed that it looks like a giant fly's eye. They were displaying it in the atrium.

Then David took us for a tour of the University, which included the fabulous Sarah Duke Gardens. The walkways and bridges were just as beautiful as the flowers.

Rachael gave us a tour of her virtual reality room. This looks like a kitchen, but it's all imaginary! We also went to Italy and Dante's inferno in the room.It was scary walking off the edge of  a bridge. Even though you knew the floor was there it felt like you were falling.

We enjoyed seeing their house in Durham and hearing how they completely remodeled it when they first came here. Rachael has a real talent for design.

We're spending the weekend at their Bath house. It's an idyllic location on the river. It's so beautiful that it's easy to see why they decided to build down here. We feel right at home going to sleep with a chorus of frogs outside our window!

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