Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving Move

The big news in the Bush household is that we're moving to Baltimore, Maryland! Ed starts his new (bigger and better) job this week, and we'll move in January, if everything goes as planned. Ed will now be a Vice President with his company. We're excited about the challenge and the opportunities this provides him. It will be fun to live in the east for a while. There is certainly plenty to see and do there. It should keep us busy for the next 13 years till Ed will be ready to retire.

The sad news is we're leaving Colorado, where we have lived for 24 years. We've loved it here. We've loved the people, the weather, the church, the schools, the opportunities for us and our children. We hope all our friends come visit us in Baltimore. We had a good cry at church yesterday when we told people we were leaving. I had my cry with the Bookies a few weeks ago. I imagine we'll have several more good cries as time goes by. We have loved Broomfield and the wonderful friends we've made here. It's been the very best of times!

1 comment:

  1. I know you will have many great experiences in Baltimore-you always make the most of everything. I'm just feeling selfish we don't get to have you anymore and there's one lucky ward and community that gets you now!! I guess all good things need to be shared, but I'm feeling a bit stingy right now!