Live and Pickin

I thought it would be nice to have something for all you Whistling Prairie fans to listen to when you really don't feel like listening to any more Christmas music, so here is our summer album from 2006, recorded live at Frasier Meadows!

1. Arrivederci Roma: In tribute to our wonderful trip to Italy this summer, we included two songs from Italy. We’ve featured the mandolin and concertina, two instruments that represent the sound of Italy. Brittany-mandolin, vocal; Amanda-concertina, vocal; Crystal-viola, vocal;  Judy-guitar; Ed-bass
2. The Chemical Workers Song: A song sung by Great Big Sea, this was fun to do in three part vocal. It was a challenge for Brittany to drum that hard while also singing.  Brittany-bodran, vocal; Amanda-lead vocal; Crystal-vocal
3. Si Beag Si Mor:  This was written by the famous Irish harper, Turlough O’Carolan. Translated, it means, “Big Fairy, Little Fairy.” Brittany-cello, Amanda-harp, Crystal-mountain dulcimer
4. You’re My Ticket to the Carpool Lane. This was written by Judy, and dedicated to Ed, in gratitude to 25 wonderful years together in the “diamond lane of life.”  Brittany-mandolin, Crystal-viola, Amanda-guitar, Judy- banjo, Ed-bass, everyone on vocals
5. Eh Cumpari! This song was just for fun to see how fast we could switch instruments. The answer was “not very.” It was number one on the charts in 1953. Brittany-mandolin, spoons; Amanda-concertina, harp; Crystal-crystal flute, viola; Judy-banjo, harmonica, Ed-bass, tambourine, everyone sings!
6. Foggy Mountain Breakdown  Judy is venturing into the world of bluegrass banjo and dragging the family with her.  Brittany-mandolin, Amanda-guitar, Judy-banjo, Ed-bass
7. How Can I Keep From Singing?  This traditional song tells how we feel about music in our home. Brittany-vocal, Amanda-harp, vocal, Crystal-vocal
8. Appalachian Waltz   Written by Mark O’Connor, this is a blend of classical and folk music.  Brittany-cello, Amanda-violin, Crystal-viola
9.Ghost Riders in the Sky  When you hear Amanda’s inspired spoon playing, you can hear the horses coming! Brittany-mandolin,vocal;  Amanda-spoons, vocal; Crystal-viola, vocal;  Judy-guitar;  Ed-bass 
10. When God Dips His Love in My Heart  Thanks to Allison Kraus for this arrangement. We saved the best for last on this CD.  Brittany, Amanda and Crystal-vocals, Judy-guitar, Ed-bass

Recorded and Produced by Ed Bush