Thursday, March 23, 2017

Walking in Cow Country

Ed and I took a different turn on Tuesday for our walk, and stopped to look at the cows. The little calf came to say hi to me and lick my hand. But then Mama came over to tell me to get lost. I wasn't going to argue with anyone who had horns like that!

It is fun to see the trees are starting to blossom out! Here's hope that spring is here to stay!

Coda is really happy to be walking regularly again, as are Ed and I. It was a long, cold winter, and we're not just talking about weather!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Therapy--Not for the Faint-Hearted!

Five months since I broke my wrist, and I'm still seeing the therapist once a week. I've regained a lot of wrist movement, but my fingers are still stiff. Steve smashes them down and causes me a lot of pain every week!

The good news is, I can play the banjo again, although it is still hard to do pull-offs or big chords.

Ed went to therapy with me today and Ed and I sang "I've Endured" for the office! We felt like it was a fitting song after all we've been through in the past 6 months!

Here's a video of our singing!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Hike at Little Mill

This afternoon we went up American Fork Canyon with Brittany, John and the girls and hiked at Little Mill. It was a lovely 2 mile round trip, and the weather was great.

Despite a week of 70 degree weather since I was last here, about 25 percent of the path was still covered in packed snow!

Nobody slipped and fell on any babies, though! We had a little picnic dinner by the river when we finished our hike! There's a lot of hiking in the canyon, so it's nice we got an early start on summer to explore some of it!

Nature Center in Alpine

Ed and I went to a meeting this morning to talk about creating a Nature Center for the City of Alpine. We stopped by afterwards to visit the Alpine Arboretum at Peterson Park. It was developed about 10 years ago, and is mostly a park with a number of trees planted in it.

There is a derelict milking shed on the property.

There is also a lovely covered bridge and a short walking path.

Afterwards we came home and communed with nature over lunch. It was a beautiful day, marred only by a visit from a nasty wasp! (The ugly underbelly of nature!)

We've started working on developing a website for the Alpine Nature Center, as there would probably not be a physical presence in town for a long time. We're temporarily hosting it at  Maybe you'd like to visit it and give us suggestions for what you think should be on the site!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Paul Ream Wilderness Park

Yesterday afternoon Ed and I joined Brittany and the girls at Paul Ream Wilderness Park in Provo.

Mabel really loved watching the ducks!

Ed really loved showing Mabel the ducks!

Even the little stream had ducks in it, where you could see them up close and personal!

What Wilderness park would be complete without a playset? We had fun going down the slide with Mabel.

She's a big girl now and likes climbing up the stairs by herself.

It seemed a little dangerous for such a little girl, but we went along with it, as she was so proud of herself!

 Unfortunately, going down the slide wasn't always as smooth as it might have been!

Brittany even rode down the slide with Clementine strapped to her chest!

We plumb wore ourselves out and stopped for dinner at the Black Bear Diner on the way home. It has a nice atmosphere and gigantic portions! Happily, we had enough left for lunch today!

Kitchen Progress

The plumber and the cabinet installer both came yesterday. We now have sinks and faucets in our new kitchen, as well as an ice maker in the fridge!

Still to come: oven, gas for cooktop, crown molding on the right, backsplash...

Will it EVER be done?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Home Teaching on the Veranda

We enjoyed our home teaching visit on our front porch yesterday! The weather might have hit 70 degrees and we're loving it. The weather is great, the company lively, and the view of the valley (not included) fantastic.