Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Brady Hootenany

The Brady family met in Burgess Park in Alpine yesterday for an evening of old time music. This is the ones who made it in time for the group photo. In the end we had over 40 people!

We had an incredible array of food for the pot luck dinner! Some of the family members are better cooks than musicians, thank heavens!

This was the food before the sprinklers came on and caused us to move the tables to the center of the pavilion!

Brittany invited Zam, her Ugandan friend to join us. We're hoping to give her a glimpse into different aspects of American life!

Joan's family is the one that cooked up the idea, choosing Pioneer day as a great day to get together.

The also started the program with an eclectic set of numbers with different instrumentation.  They performed:

Sweet Hour of Prayer in Nakoda
Mary Don’t You Weep
Sew ‘em on the Mountain
O Saviour Thou Who Wearest a Crown
Sing Sing Sing


The Stevens family performed:

You Are My Sunshine and
Hallelujah (Ricky Skaggs song)

The Pinyon Rats (with Crystal Bush) performed

Glory Bound
Amazing Grace
The Fox
You’ve Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley
Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

The sprinklers in the background were disconcerting, but didn't really reach us. The entire evening was an exercise in moving tables out of the sprinklers' reach! It made the evening more memorable!

We had a nice crowd to cheer us on!

My mother drove all the way up from Salem for the occasion! She was amazed to have so many descendants in one place!

We were glad John Nuttall's parents joined us as well. Marti had no problem taking care of both of the babies during the performance!

We finished up with a few group jams. We were happy to have lights in the pavilion, but we had to loose the sound system, as the electricity wouldn't work with both on at the same time! Joan said our hardships were a fitting way to remember our ancestors on Pioneer Day!

Pioneer Day in Provo

Yesterday we went to Provo to celebrate Pioneer day with Brittany and the girls. We enjoyed the visit to Pioneer village, which had lots of demonstrations of how the pioneers lived. We enjoyed the photo booth!

It always amazes me that there are people left in the world able to demonstrate blacksmith work!

The museum had some nice exhibits, including old organs still in working condition.

We all got a lollipop for posting our picture on Instagram. Mabel learned how to lick it very quickly!

Afterwards we came home and baked my grandma's raisin filled cookies to share with the extended family in the evening!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Scones with the Nuttalls

We had the Nuttalls over for scones yesterday after church. We fried bread and stuffed them with either tuna fish, or hamburger (similar to a Navajo taco), or peanut butter and jelly, or honey and butter. It was a meal my kids used to enjoy, but we hadn't made it for ages!

The Nuttalls had two children in town and 6 grandchildren with them, so it made a nice group.

It was fun to see our swing set get its first workout with older children. At one time there were 5 kids on it!

We spent a lot of time outside, but also enjoyed time in the basement with Foosball and the puppet theater.

Mabel enjoyed playing with her cousins, who were very sweet to her. Levi put her in a box, which she loved!

It was fun spending time with John's brother James and family, as well as his sister, Amy and her girls.

Marti and Ellis insisted on helping clean up. I think we have enough leftovers for another big meal! I hope we don't get scone stomach next time (when you eat so much bread your stomach pooches out)!

Crystal and I asked if we could keep Mabel for the night, but she went home with Mom and Dad. Oh, well, we get to see her again this morning!

Crystal's Here!

Crystal came to town Friday night, ostensibly to see us, but it's the babies she's been enjoying! Clementine gave her some really nice smiles!

Mabel was really happy to see her, and even remembered her name! She was also really happy to receive a cute little Tigey, who is Daniel Tiger's stuffed toy. Check him out on YouTube!

We had band practice Saturday morning, and were not hampered a bit by having the babies join us!

Mabel's rhythm is getting better, and she added a new instrument--the fish!

We recorded You've Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley for the Christmas CD. This will be the first time we've had John play the saw on a CD!

Afterwards, Crystal took Ed and me out to dinner at La Costa in American Fork to celebrate Ed's belated birthday. Because it was Ed's birthday dinner we even went all out and celebrated with fried ice cream for dessert! Yum!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Mabel spends the Night with Grandma and Grandpa

Brittany wasn't feeling well yesterday, so she and John let us take Mabel to our house for a day! We started with a very fun trip to Costco!

Ed rolled Mabel into the house on top of our Costco cart, all covered with vegetables!

Mabel really enjoys pushing around Brittany's old Cabbage Patch doll in our Fischer Price Stroller!

There was plenty of room for the doll in the swing with Mabel!

In the morning, she took Judy Hopps for a ride in the stroller along the front driveway!

It's so fun watching Mabel run up and down the driveway, but it's also scary, as she has a tendency to trip occasionally.  She did end up with one slightly scuffed up knee this morning.

We put together our old puppet theater and did puppet shows for Mabel. After she got over her terror of puppets, she begged for Ed to repeat his "Lion Sleeps Tonight" show three times!

This afternoon when Brittany came over, Mabel was still a little nervous of puppets, but couldn't stop watching!

With the help of her Mom, Mabel put on a performance of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar!"  Ed and I thoroughly enjoyed that!

Healy Park and South Point

Ed and I explored the area around Healey Park in Alpine Yesterday. We enjoyed this old cabin surrounded by rusted farm machinery. It's right in the middle of a suburban neighborhood!

We were also amazed at the beautiful birds chirping next to the path. The owner of this house has a private aviary!

The path had a pretty sturdy bridge for such a small amount of foot traffic!

We also enjoyed walking around South Pointe park, which is mostly undeveloped open space, with a couple of nice viewing platforms!

We also stopped off at Lambert Park to take an "after" picture on the fire-blackened Brown Dog path.

This "before shot was taken in the same spot on May 24th, 2017-happier days!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Face to Face with Troy Stout

Ed and I hosted a meeting last night to have some of our neighbors meet mayoral candidate, Troy Stout. We had a great discussion. In a small town like Alpine city decisions affect us all quite personally. We like a Troy's attitude towards preserving the natural setting of Alpine while managing growth.

The primary ballots go out next week, and are due back the middle of August. It's time to decide! It's nice we can get to know the candidates in intimate settings like this one!