Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Anniversary, Ed and Judy

Ed and I spent our 36th anniversary on the road today! We stopped by Vail, Colorado, for this beautiful winter picture (and to go to the bathroom)!

Our new truck has a range of 700 miles on one tank of gas! It turns out I don't have that range! It was also nice to stop and stretch after 6 hours in the car!

We stopped in Denver briefly and saw my sister, Verlene. Well, we saw what was left of her, anyway. She's lost a lot of weight and even her skinny jeans are too big for her!

We picked up Crystal after work this afternoon and kept driving east! She treated us to Dairy Queen in Ogallala, Nebraska to celebrate our anniversary. It's a step down from the Broker Restaurant in Denver, where we used to go, but it was nice nonetheless!

We're excited about going to Iowa tomorrow to see baby Hugo (and parents, Amanda and Nolan)!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Dinner without Pickelball

We couldn't find an indoor place for pickleball Saturday night, so we settled for dinner instead. We went with the Sardonis to Porter's Place in Lehi. It is a rustic stake house in old town. We enjoyed the atmosphere and the lack of a line on Saturday night!

Hopefully, we'll find a place to play indoor pickleball in the evenings. Maybe Ken will build a court in his backyard!

Who Likes Christmas?

Ed and I had more helping putting up decorations on Friday! Clementine loved the ribbon!

Mabel loved sitting in an empty box!

She also loved watching it snow! Sadly for Mabel, it didn't amount to much!

We were happy to get our second tree up and to enjoy the enthusiasm of the little girls as they watched and "helped!"

Friday, November 17, 2017

An Alpine Prairie Christmas is Now Available!

Whistling Prairie has finished it's latest CD! We have 11 new songs. You have to listen to the bitter end to hear Dominick the Donkey! John does a great hee-haw!

This is our Christmas 2016 album, as we recorded it last December! We're always a year behind!

We started recording our Christmas program in 2000!  Starting with 2005 we have posted all the albums (available for download) at whistlingprairie.com. Over 17 years we've covered 219 Christmas songs! That's a lot of merry!

We would love it if you would download our new album at

Decorating Help

We had a little decorating help yesterday! Mabel and Clementine spent the night at our house, so we put them to work helping us decorate our Christmas tree!

In reality, Clementine wasn't really much help, but she was very enthusiastic about exploring the tree! She can scootch anywhere, so we had to keep a ckise eye on her. Hopefully, she is not strong enough to tip the tree over when we're not looking!

Relief Society Christmas Dinner

Our ward had their Relief Society Christmas dinner on Tuesday night! We had a wonderful array of soups to choose from! I had the German Potato Soup made by our real German, Chrystal (in the vest). I wonder if she'll share her recipe?

We had a nice visit at dinner and also did a humanitarian project, putting together welcome kits for refugee children! It was a nice way to kick off the holiday season!

Music Workshop in Springville

Arlene Bailey invited us to attend a Music Workshop hosted by two Stakes in Springville on Saturday. She's my cousin Michael's wife, and also my sister, Barbara's, sister-in-law! As we all have music callings, Brittany, Barbara and I thought we might benefit from going! We really enjoyed hanging out together and lunch afterwards! Hopefully, we also got a little musical inspiration from it!