Monday, September 25, 2017

Snow in Alpine

We had snow in Alpine yesterday! It didn't last long at our elevation, but left a lovely dusting on the mountains!

We started our walk today with light jackets, but the warm sun made us wish we had dressed cooler by the end of our walk.

It looks like fall has come to the Bush house. We're okay with autumn, but sorry to see summer go, as we enjoyed it so much!

Halloween's Coming!

We were talking to Mabel about Halloween, and she started singing a song called "Halloween's Coming" that she must have learned in daycare, because none of us knew it!

We had fun getting out some Halloween trappings to show the girls.

Mabel loved it all, and even tolerated grandpa teasing her with the giant spider!

She enjoyed trying on some costumes, and looked adorable as a clown. Too bad clowns have fallen on hard times these days!

She especially liked the clown with the face mask. Now, that is scary!

Star Trek Discovery

We got all decked out for the first episode of CBS's new Star Trek Discovery! Brittany helped us get in the mood by finding Star Trek foods we could make! Ed cooked Klingon gladst out of wood fungus mushrooms. I made faux Klingon gagh out of spaghetti and red beets. We had some Romulan ale to chase it all down.

It wasn't the most attractive meal, but was remarkably tasty!

Brittany made Bjoran hasperat, cellular peptide cupcakes with mint frosting (a scene from Data's dream) as well as brought donut triblbles!

Then we all settled in for the long-awaited Star Trek return to TV!

CBS showed the first episode on the air, but wants us to pay for CBS all-access to watch the next episodes! We're pretty annoyed with them, but might have to cave in, as episode 1 finished on a cliff hanger, and we have to know what happened! We are Trekkies, after all!

Oh, Mai, Pillow Talk!

Saturday we went to a Vietnamese restaurant with the Nuttalls. We all loved it, including Mabel!

Ellis and Marti knew the owner of the restaurant, who comped us some delicious sweet rice for dessert, as well!

We had the Vietnamese Salad bowl with 5 spice chicken--very good!

Clementine didn't eat, but had lots of fun playing with grandpa after dinner!

We dropped the kids off and went to the show at the Hale Theater in Orem. They were showing Pillow Talk, which had lots of laughs and some very talented actors! Thanks to Marti and Ellis for inviting us and getting us out of the house!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chokecherry Jam Band at the Alpine Cove Ward Party

The Alpine Slow jam was asked (ok, we volunteered) to play for our ward party Friday night. It was the first gig for the "Chokecherry Jam Band."

We were excited to have 8 people in the band (Janet not pictured). We had guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukuleles, fiddles, cello, harmonicas, penny whistle and a cajon!

Playing were Ed, Ken, Evertt, Judy, Barbara, Katie Marie and Cherie and Janet.

It was 45 degrees out, but happily, did not rain! We played (and sang):

Scotland the Brave
The Red-Haired Boy
Sally Gardens
Soldier's Joy
The Eighth of January
Amazing Grace
Cotton Fields
Country Roads
Will the Circle Be Unbroken 

We also had two girls in the ward sing solos. Hazel put us to shame with her rendition of Heart of Gold. She sang and played the guitar as well as the harmonica. 

It was a great first gig for the band, and we're hoping to have many more fun experiences together over the years!

Visiting C.C.A Christensen's painting

Barbara and I and mom went to the Springville art museum on Friday to see the original print of "Weighing the Baby." It was painted by our many times great grandfather, Carl, Christen Anton Christensen.

We first heard about the painting because it was on the cover of a book we read called "A House Full of Females." This picture was done by CCA for his good friend and ex-missionary companion upon the birth of one of his children. The first wife is in the foreground helping the midwife weight the baby, while another wife is recovering in the bed. They husband is peeking in the door.

While we were at the Art Museum we took time to see the beautiful quilts on display. It was amazing to see so much talent in one place. This was just one room of many! You can see why quilts rightly belong in an art museum!

We stopped for a great lunch at the Trolley Restaurant. It is amazing how much fun you can have in a small town like Springville!

Sort of Fun

Bonnie and I sorted clothes for a Relief Society Service Project on Thursday. Our ward has been donated a lot of t-shirts, hoodies and coats for men, women and children. They are all new and were ordered for a project that never got much headway, so the owner decided to donate them to charity.

We counted sizes and styles and marked them in boxes. The next step is to identify charities that can use them. I don't know how many charities want hundreds of items of clothes with the same picture on them, but we'll find out!