Friday, July 13, 2018

Alpine Sage Last Practice

We had our (almost) last practice last night before our big gig on Monday. It is so great having Millen to adjust our mics! It made practice go a lot smoother! We were missing one singer, so we'll do it once more on Sunday, to see if we can finally get everyone together at the same time!

Come hear us Monday, July 16th at 6 p.m. at the food truck Roundup at Legacy Park in Alpine!

Mom's House and Parade

Mom's furniture was delivered last week, and her redecorating is almost finished! It is like a new house!

She's waiting for her area rugs and new piano, as well as wall art and drapes, but now she has room for guests to sit when they come visit her!

Ed and I finished painting two identical signs for both sides of the Float we're decorating for Mom's graduating class to ride on in the Fairview 24th of July parade! We can't wait!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Alpine Nature Hike #4

We had a great group for our fourth Alpine Nature Hike today! We not only identified trees and flowers, but also the mountain peaks around us! We had a visitor named Amanda who came all the way from Ohio, too!

It was also fun having my sister, Barbara bring a friend all the way from South Jordan!

We identified 7 different berries in Lambert Park. Vicky even tasted the currant berries!

If you missed today's hike, join us next Wednesday at 10, when we'll do it again!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Day in Denver with Crystal and Verlene

We started out this morning with a little pickleball! We even talked my sister, Verlene into joining us! She should start taking advantage of the great courts in Aurora!

Crystal wants me to point out that she actually beat Dad at one game! But in the end, Ed got his revenge!

When we got home Crystal pricked my finger to draw some blood for a trip to her lab!

We picked up Aunt Verlene and went over to Children's Hospital for a tour of the lab.

It was so interesting looking through the microscope with Crystal and having her point out what the white and red blood cells, as well as platelets. She showed us how my blood cells had many more white blood cells than normal because of my lymphoma.

It was also fun seeing Crystal's desk that she got after becoming lead tech! Her own little space in the greater laboratory!

We spent the afternoon going to open houses with Crystal. The housing marking is really expensive in Denver. We found the used houses were in terrible condition and very expensive. We decided we enjoyed new construction much more. We saw some twin homes we liked very much!

Coda had fun staying at Verlene's house with Brandy, Holly and Uncle Paul!

Coda was happy to see us, though and is looking forward to driving back to Utah with us tomorrow. Crystal is even letting her stay overnight at her house tonight if she promises to not bark and bother the neighbors!

Happy 50th Anniversary Al and Sandy!

Congratulations to Al and Sandy Feldcamp on their 50th wedding anniversary! We drove out from Utah to Colorado to join them for their big celebration! They had friends from all over the United States join them for dinner last night!

Ed enjoyed reminiscing with Al about the "good old days" at Raytheon!
We also met some new friends from Virginia. After we visited with them for a half an hour we found out Chris is the sister of Ed's close friend Joe Sienecke! They have a strong enough family resemblance that is it surprising that we didn't find out sooner!

The three daughters-in-law had done a great job decorating the yard and garage for the party! I loved this sign! Does this mean that they intend to be together another 50 years or that 50 years feels like forever?

I also enjoyed seeing their wedding picture! Oh, to be so young again!

It is nice to live so close in Utah that the drive to Colorado is easy. We even brought Coda along this time so she could have some dog-time with her doggie cousins! She was happy not to be left behind for once!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Happy Fourth of July!

We started out the Fourth of July again this year with the Provo Freedom Festival Parade! This year we were smart and sat on the east side of the street (less sun in our eyes)!

Brittany had taken some time and fixed the girls' hair really cute. Mabel seemed to like her new do!

 Clementine even had enough hair for a little tiny pony tail!

It was so fun taking pictures of the girls while we waited for the parade to start! I especially liked Clementine in my hat!

 John taught Mabel to wave at everyone, which made the parade even more fun. She even got a few high fives from the participants!

Mabel especially loved the marching band music. That gave her a chance to break out some moves!

There were lots of great floats, including this trip to Mexico!

We met the Nuttalls for lunch at El Mexsal! They have Mexican and Salvadoran food. The pupusas are really good!

We stopped by the Freedom Festival for a while, but it was super hot outside!

 Mabel got a kiss from a llama which both terrified her and thrilled her at the same time!

In the late afternoon we did a few fireworks, including some sparklers.

Mabel remembered them from last year and was still very careful with them!

We all got into the act with the sparklers!

Clementine was happy to be cuddled while she watched the show. Thank heavens she was content to keep a respectful distance from the fireworks!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Goodbye, Annette's House! Hello Nikki!

Annette and Kent have sold their house, and we got to say goodbye to it last night!

They are going to miss their giant lot and their fruit trees, including the pie cherry trees!

But, they will be building a brand new house on the southwest corner of their property! Imagine a new house right here!

Their old sunroom has been a gathering for many family parties over the years and will be sorely missed! Hopefully, they will have another wonderful gathering spot in their new house!

Yesterday we celebrated Nikki and Dave and their families being here for vacation! It is fun to talk with them about their adventures living in Scotland!

We also enjoyed singing some hymns together after dinner. It was fun singing with the Evans clan who all know how to sing parts!

Brittany and John came over after dinner, which was great, as we got our grandkid fix for the day! Clementine LOVES her grandpa, and will play pat-a-cake with him endlessly if he'll let her!