Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Walk in the Park

It was good to have my walking buddy, Suzanne visit me one more time befire before she heads home to Baltimore. We had a great 4 mile walk in Lambert park this morning. It was fun to show her my new trails. They don't have as many trees as Baltimore,  but the views of the mountains and Utah Lake can't be beat!

We worked up an appetite and decided to try out a new salad restaurant in Lehi called Mad Greens.

I had the delicious Don Quijote salad, and we shared a humuus sampler plater. The beet humuus was surprisingly scrumptious!

I'm looking forward to Suzanne's return trip in January. If we can't go hiking maybe we can go snow shoeing!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Frosting on the Mountains

After three days of rain, we finally got out this afternoon for a nice walk in the crisp, clean air! It was beautiful to see the snow on the tops of the mountains!
The view from our back yard was spectacular!
Our pretty little rose of sharon is in full bloom, seemingly defying the snow in the background! Let's stave off winter just a little longer!

Band and Baby

Mabel had a partial sleepover at our house last night. It is practice for two weeks from now when we'll have her for the weekend. It was fun watching her crawl all over the house and take a few tentative steps. We're hoping she learns to walk at our house when her parents go to Colorado!

While Mabel slept, the as-yet-unnamed band met in the basement. There is a good possibility we kept her awake with our rollicking music. We barely got through all our songs, but spent a good portion of the time trying to pick a name for the band. John said, why couldn't we think of a great name like Whistling Prairie. Brittany pointed out that we probably wouldn't like that either if we thought of it today. Maybe we'll have a name by the time we get a gig!

Memorial With the Melzers

My mother invited me to go to a memorial luncheon for Ray Lowry yesterday. He was my mother's second husband's first wife's sister's husband. Is that confusing? The nice part was that Ed Melzer's children and some of the grand and great grand children were there. It was fun seeing them again. When I asked Dwight and Glen if I could take their picture with my mother, Dwight answered, "You mean with OUR mother!" This was a sweet tribute to the way they welcomed her into the family 17 years ago. It was fun seeing my step-siblings again!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Work Zone

The work has begun on our new home. We're finishing a previously unfinished room in the basement. We've opened the wall (which had a door in the middle) to make it more of an integral part of the basement, and would like to make it a media, game, entertainment room.

We're hoping it will feel like an extension of the family room, where the pool and foosball tables are.

We're also having a shed built in our back yard for the lawn tools. We're hoping it will make more room in the garage for Ed's workbench.

All this controlled chaos is giving us the bug to maybe get started on remodeling the kitchen soon.

Food, Art, Music

The Nortons invited us to the BYU Jazz preview last night, It was fun to meet at PF Chang's for dinner before the concert.

We had time before the show to stop at the BYU art museum to see the beautiful Minerva Teichert exhibit. I love her style. The exhibit runs till April. See:

We heard from 3 instrumental jazz groups, one Dixieland band and one vocal group last night. Ed and Chuck really enjoyed an arrangement of Fantasy by Earth, Wind and Fire. I liked the Dixieland band, because they had a banjo and fun hats!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Horsetail Falls Trail

Suzanne stayed last night with us, so we took the opportunity this morning to show her one of the prettiest hiking trails in Utah, and the trail head is only a mile from our house!

Horsetail Falls trail, is aptly named for the beautiful waterfall that fans out like a horse's tail!

Finding the falls was a little tricky, as the trail is not well marked! We crossed a stream several times, and went though some boulder patches, but mostly it was a steep grade uphill!

Fortunately, we ran into several hikers who knew the way and we were able to find the lower falls, as wells as the upper falls with its beautiful pools of water!

The view of the valley below from the top was spectacular. You can't see our house because it is right behind that ridge on the left!

Coda was happy to go along, and never seems to feel the burn as much as we do! It must be great to have four paw drive!

Coda was also happy to have her best friend, Suzanne come see her. We found out that Coda loves trail mix. She likes the cashews best, then the dried cranberries, followed by the almonds! Who, but Suzanne, would think to feed a dog nuts!