Monday, May 21, 2018

The Organ is not my Friend, but Rachel is!

Rachel met me at the church this morning to help me figure out some good congregational stops for this organ! It is different than the other organs I've played on, and since I only sub occasionally, I haven't been able to tame the beast!

Fortunately, Rachel  helped me come up with some stops that we think sound pretty good! Next time I play for Sacrament meeting I'll be ready!

Nuttall Christmas Practice

The Nuttalls came over Sunday night to practice a song we're planning to record for our Christmas CD next month. We had fun at practice, despite the distraction of two toddlers running around the whole time!

Just to show you what we were up against, here is a short clip of both Mabel and Clementine playing kazoos!

Choir Party

Saturday was a beautiful day for our choir end-of-season party! We had a great turnout, and great food!

I thought this was a funny picture! Perhaps we could label it Jeff and the Treblemakers!

Ed was in charge of the BBQ, and did a great job on the chicken! Everrt is supervising here! Ed also got the TV working for our little activity afterwards.Thanks, Ed!

After dinner we had a bell choir in the family room. Several people had to leave early, which left only the best for the bell ringing! We played melody and harmony on five different hymns (projected on the tv). We did so good that I wish we had some professional bells we could use for Sacrament Meeting!

PIckleball Champs

Friday was pickleball day! We had such a good time playing the Sardoni's and going out to dinner afterwards at Village Bakers.

We're excited to have a ward pickleball seminar on June 1st, and think there are a lot of people who would enjoy this fun and accessible sport!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hike, Pianos and Trails

On Wednesday I led some ladies on a the second Alpine Nature Hike! We had such a good time! They were so interested in every flower and remembered many of them we saw last month! It was 2 miles and we took 2 hours. That is a leisurely pace, but we had a lot to see!

I especially love the beautiful wild onions that are in bloom in Lambert Park right now!

At lunchtime I met Mom at Brigham Larsen's piano store. She's trading in her grand piano for an upright to save space in her house. While we were there we had a tour of the piano repair shop. It was very interesting!

In the afternoon, we had a meeting with members of the Alpine Trail Committee and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Committee to figure out how we could fill in our portion of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, which starts in Idaho and hugs the edge of the mountains all the way south to Nephi. Ed was a medium sized member of the committee! We're hoping to see this trail completed through Alpine within the next year or so! Part of it will run right through Lambert Park!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Little Women Book Club

The Alpine Book Club did a reader's theater of Little Women today! It was interesting to see how much expression the ladies used in their parts! I was the doorbell and sleigh-bell sounds, as I thought I wouldn't be there, but had a change of plans!

The only disadvantage was it took 3 hours to get through the play! Fortunately, Joan had put out chocolate for us to nibble on when we needed a pick-me-up!

Dust off the Cello

We had our first quartet practice today at Barbara's house. She has two friends in South Jordan that want to play music with her. Beth, the violist, had to leave early, but Denise was still here for our inaugural picture! It was fun to play cello and fight with Barbara about who was counting wrong! Just like old times!