Monday, October 24, 2016

Belated Brittany Birthday

Finishing off all the celebrations for Brittany's birthday month, the Nuttalls had a belated birthday dinner for her last night. We gave her a 3 foot long key to shut off her sprinkler system!

Dinner was my favorite--taco bar, with homemade pico de gallo and tomatillo dressing! Mmm.

Brittany got to wear the birthday antlers.

The Nuttalls have a special birthday song, which Ed and I really need to learn so we can add to the fun.

Mabel loved the cake and the candles. She thought it was all about her!With two sets of grandparents in the same room, she gets an awful lot of attention!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dinner and a Farm

We joined Brittany, John and Mabel for a fun day with the Stevens cousins, Eli, Lacy and baby Calvin.

We started with a great Vietnamese, vegan meal at All Chay in Salt Lake City. 

We used Calvin and Mabel as an excuse to visit the kid-friendly Wheeler Farm.

Mabel saw a sheep,

a pig,  

and a horse!

It was a beautiful day for a hay ride!

Ed and Brittany lassoed steers!

We enjoyed walking through the hay  maze,

Calvin and Mabel picked out pumpkins that were just their size!

Ed was happy that I had a broken arm so he got to hold Mabel more!

Mabel fell in the gravel and bumped her forehead. She and grandma have matching owies!

My arm felt much better today, and I was grateful to be enjoying life again,despite being somewhat jealous of all the two-handed people I saw!

He Loves Me!

Ed fixed the spare bathroom for me this morning so it would be easier to take a bath. The sides of the master tub were too steep for me to rest my broken arm on.

The bathroom off my study had shower doors with a rail that made it hard to rest my arm, as well. 

So Ed surprised me and went to the Internet to find out how to get the doors off! This is something I am definitely going to enjoy for the next several months! I love you. too, Ed!

Gee, That's Swell!

We went back to the hospital yesterday to have them release the pressure on my splint. I woke up in a lot of pain, mostly caused by the swelling in my wrist and the tightness of the splint. Both the orthopedist and my primary care physician had selfishly taken Friday off from work, so only the emergency room would help us!

My poor fingers looked and felt like sausages! The doctor cracked the splint open and the relief was immediate!

We went out for Cafe Rio therapy afterwards, which also made me feel much better!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Break!

Coda and I were hiking in Lambert Park yesterday morning when I tripped on a rock and fell straight forward. I thought I had  probably sprained my left wrist. I didn't know I had a rock in my headband when I took this picture!

When I got up to continue my walk I realized it was much worse! The pain was so bad I had to sit down again!

Amanda was talking to me through my earbuds and called Ed to come get me. I couldn't make it back to the road but was able to bushwhack to a construction site where a  very sympathetic man with a pickup truck drove me home!
Ed took me to the emergency room where I writhed in pain for the next few hours. I couldn't stop from shaking no matter how many warm blankets they put on! Even the morphine barely dulled the agony!

They were unable to set my wrist, as 
I not only broke the ulna, but also shattered the radius. I'll have to wait till next week to have surgery done! In the meantime they used Chinese finger torture to straighten my wrist, then pushed really hard on my bump, and bound me in a cast!

Brittany and John came up to find our loyal dog who had wandered off into the sage brush when I fell. Luckily, the construction crew had tied her up when she wandered up to the road.

I slept the rest of the day till Mabel came over to cheer me up! Brittany brought dinner up to help Ed who had a lot to do yesterday in addition to waiting on me! He even did a load of laundry!

I'm happy to be able to sit up today without feeling nauseous! I'm happy that my arm doesn't hurt if I hold it completely still!

I wish I could type with 10 fingers!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hair Cut

It has taken me months to getting around to finding a new hairdresser. I finally chose Celeste, at Eight Zero One in Alpine, because she was the closest in location of all the recommendations I got from friends.

I was glad I did! Not only did she do a great job cutting and weaving color into my hair, but she also gave a wonderful scalp massage along with the shampooing! That alone will keep me coming back!

Gardening and Goats

I made a few goat friends yesterday at the gardening class sponsored by the Relief Society.

We met at Cori's house, where she showed us how to make a compost pile. Her's was very nice.

She had a beautiful vegetable garden with a 7 foot fence to keep the deer out. She gave way snippets of herbs and pieces of kale still growing in the garden.

She even shared some of the herbs with the cow and goats next door.

She had an equally impressive flower garden full of perennials, many of them still in bloom. I'm hoping to get some ideas for my flowers next summer.

It was fun to see how they incorporated the original homesteader's log cabin into their modern house, and how they used a portion of it for their garden shed. It was so warm and inviting!