Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse Birthday

Mabel turned two years old yesterday. She will be having a birthday party on Saturday, but we wanted to commemorate the occasion with a little eclipse birthday party!

I made a little eclipse cake for her. The black blob is supposed to be the moon crossing into the sun!

Mabel didn't know what to do with the candles! This is a girl that sings songs and recites nursery rhymes all day! But she hasn't had enough birthdays to get good at blowing out candles yet!

She had no problem, however figuring out how to eat the cake! When she finished her piece she reached over with her fork and stuck it in the larger cake!

Clementine said, "I'm big enough for cake!" She got mushed up squash for the party.

To follow the eclipse theme we got Mabel a giant orange ball to represent the sun!

We had just enough time to go outside for a little more fun in the sun before bedtime! It was a memorable birthday for us! Mabel will have to relive it through photos when she is older!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Babies

We watched the eclipse today from the splash pad in Highland Utah. Barbara and I both had grandchildren to enjoy it with, as our children are together somewhere in Wyoming or Idaho enjoying the total eclipse. Calvin and Mabel were oblivious to the sun and the moon, but loved the water!

Clementine didn't get wet, but enjoyed being outside on a blanket!

Kent took the day off and every day is a holiday for Ed! We wondered how people wrangle kids with just one parent home! It is a two man job!

We enjoyed sitting under our canopy and checking out the eclipse every few minutes. We actually felt a slight darkening at the height of it!

It was great having the special eclipse glasses so you could see what was happening. We were in a 90 percent area, but if you didn't know an eclipse was happening you wouldn't have noticed.

This is a view from my camera through the glasses. It was amazing to be able to see the whole event so clearly!

In 28 years when we'll have another total eclipse (right here in Alpine, UT), we'll look back fondly at the wonderful time we had celebrating with our grandbabies in 2017!

Sunday with Children

The nice part about 1 p.m. church is we had all morning to get ready. It was fun watching the beginnings of interaction between Mabel and Clementine.

Sometimes Mabel is not as gentle as she should be with her sister. Taking a bath together can be a dangerous prospect for the younger sister!

Ed enjoyed an armful of clean babies cuddled up in his arms!

Mabel LOVES books. This one was about a family adopting an elephant! Who can afford that? I don't want to give our grandchildren false expectations!

Clementine is quite a good baby except for her sleep schedule. I did the midnight feeding and Ed got up at 5 a.m. I'm glad Ed is retired and fully engaged in babysitting! This is a two-man job!

Mabel was very good during church and loved going to nursery after Sacrament meeting. The nursery leaders enjoyed her constant chatter!

Clementine took a nap during Sunday school. Ed has the magic touch! I was holding her and she lunged for his lap. I think she likes Grandpa!

We let Mabel play with our butterfly puzzle box. It's full of coins from different countries. It reminds me of the bronze burrito my grandma had that was full of pennies. We had hours of enjoyment shaking them out of the burrito!

By the end of the day we were exhausted and enjoyed a little down time watching Zootopia together! It was a good cuddle time for Grandpa and Grandma!

Weekend with the Girls

Mabel and Clementine came over Saturday to spend the weekend with us. It's nice that they are so comfortable at our house. Mabel knows where the toys and books are and gets right to playing!

Clementine has learned how to drink out of a specific bottle, but let's you know when she's not hungry!

She loves eating baby food, but also loves spitting it back at you after each bite! Ed had to wash himself up after lunch!

Mabel likes to sit at the bar and watch me while I cook. She also likes a few snacks while she waits!

In the afternoon we went over to the Elder Aviary to feed chips to the birds. We all loved that! The birds are very enthusiastic about corn chips!

Even Clementine was fascinated by the commotion!

It was a beautiful day to go for a little walk with the girls. It is fun listening to Mabel give the play by play as we walk. "We're going on a bridge."

"We're walking up a hill!"

Mabel loves shopping and holding things for us! She was very protective of the bananas, until she let the dark side take over and started chewing on them!

We hope Brittany and John enjoy the eclipse on Monday! We're enjoying our moment in the sun with their girls!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Coming Home

I flew home from Iowa yesterda. I almost took Flurry with me! He's a soft kitty who likes to explore everything, including travel bags!

We spent several hours with Hugo. I enjoyed geting to hold him again. He is a very peaceful baby!

We explored the hospital a little more, and found the library, which has lots of books to check out! In addition, they let you choose one free book each week to take home with you! We picked a Shine-a-Light book with animals that appear when you shine a light behind the page!

We also stopped by to watch the marching band rehearsal. I was impressed by the discipline of 250 young adults listening to instructions and making formations happen. It still seems like magic to me!

I had to laugh when my layover in Denver resulted in a long walk to a plane parked on the tarmac, practically in a wheat field. I shared it with 30 Japanese tourists who must think Denver is a hick town now! Apparently, Salt Lake is a staging airport for people on the way to see the eclipse this weekend!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Grandma Holds Hugo

I got to hold little Hugo today! He is so sweet, and just cuddles up in your arms! He's back up to his birth weight now, so at a 3.5 pounds  he is very light, but surprisingly like every other baby! I loved his long, beautiful piano fingers!

Amanda and I explored the new hospital and found a beautiful area on the 12th floor with a great view of Kinnick stadium, where she could watch the Iowa marching band halftime show in a few weeks. I imagine Hugo would have to stay in his room, however!

Nolan had a band break this afternoon and was able to meet us for dinner at Iowa City's favorite restaurant, Monicas. I had the lasagna and loved it!

As if weren't already stuffed,, we stopped at Hurt's Donuts across from Amanda's office. They had fun names of their creative donuts!

When we got home Amanda finished putting up pictures of Hugo on the whiteboard we bought today. It is nice to have pictures of him at home, since we had to leave the real Hugo in the hospital!

While Amanda was busy I practiced the guitarron! Here is a video of me playing (and singing) De Colores. I'm ready to join a Mariachi band!

I'm going to miss baby Hugo when I go back to Utah tomorrow. Maybe when I come back he'll be home and I can serenade him on my new guitarron!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hugo's Big Boy Room

Hooray! Hugo got to move to a big boy room today. He was so happy! He has been doing so well that they moved him to the brand new Children's Hospital wing. It has only been open a couple of months!

His previous room had one desk chair and one soft chair, and a curtain you could pull for "privacy."

The chair could theoretically be made into a bed, but there was no room for it to pull out!

When they rolled his incubator into the new room, Amanda just sat there in stunned silence for a while. I guess she thought they weren't worthy of this largesse!

I thought if I'd known I could have this much room I could stay another week! This is the Ritz of hospital rooms!

It even has a private bathroom with a shower in it!

The window overlooks the University of Iowa football stadium where Nolan will be with the marching band on game days!

Hugo snuggled up sweetly in his new room. I thought I'd show you his nice head of black hair!

We got home a little later than usual, but were excited to find a little octopus for preemies that Crystal had crocheted especially for Hugo. It even came with a little hat. We'll take it back to the hospital tomorrow and see if the hat fits!