Saturday, October 21, 2017

Last Day with the Grandkids

Yesterday was our last full day with the grandkids, as Brittany is coming home tonight. We can't get enough of their cuteness! Clementine is learning to play ball!

It was fun watching Mabel play. She took a llama on on horsie ride!

I got some good cuddles while we watched the Great Pumpkin on TV!

Ed rehabilitated an old electronic game we had in the basement by cleaning up the terminals. Then he helped Mabel push the buttons!

We had fun listening to Mabel sing Horsie, Horsie on your Way!

In the afternoon we made macaroni and cheese from scratch--even grinding the wheat!

Mabel got to help grandpa cut the noodles as they came out of the extruder!

Then, they helped grandpa carve a pumpkin! Mabel was fully involved, and Clementine was completely engaged in watching!

It was a very fun way to end our week with the grandkids. Daddy took them home this morning, and we were sorry to see them leave! I think they'll be happy to see mommy when she returns from Iowa tonight!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

HeeHaw Farms

We took the girls down to HeeHaw Farms this morning for more fall fun! They had lots of pets and activities! Clementine got to pet a bunny!

Mabel got to hold a bunny!

Clementine got up close and personal with a baby goat!

Mabel rode a pony named Lacy!

We all got to ride in an animal train towed by a tractor!

John red them a story in a tepee made out of corn husks.

The big slide was a huge hit with Mabel, who is usually slide averse! This was a two-fer, with both John and Ed going down with babies on their laps!

By the time I went down with Mabel she was getting brave enough to go down with no hands!

She also tried walking in the corn bin with the other kids!

We made them sit on a giant pumpkin, which you can see they really enjoyed!

When it came to picking out a pumpkin, Mabel chose a white gourd and a small pumpkin. She wanted something she could carry herself!

After lunch John went to work and we went home for naptime. Grandma and Grandpa were worn out!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

More Fun with Mabel and Clementine

Mabel started the day out right by going for a hike with her dad! She's getting pretty heavy now, so he got a good workout!

Clementine stayed home and played with the farm! It was nice to not have to compete for toys with her sister!

After naptime we drove over to the Alpine Art Center to check out the bronze animals. Mabel was a little nervous about the walrus, but grandpa got her warmed up to it!

They girls look like two little penguin hatchlings here! Mabel knows the names of all the animals, so it is fun for us to see her excitement!

Clementine got to sit on a rhino while Mabel pulled on its horn!

The panda bear looks a little scary, but didn't dampen Clementine's spirits!

The lion had a little baby, just Mabel's size!

This was my favorite picture! Two kids, a life-like cougar, and beautiful fall leaves! It was a picture perfect day, and we were glad we got outside to see it!

Afterwards we went over to Arctic circle for dinner! It was like re-living our parenthood! The kid's meal even had a toy!

We had the place to ourselves, and Mabel had a ball going down the slide with Clementine!

By the time we stopped at Walmart it was starting to get dusky out, and Mabel was really able to enjoy the new ghost flashlight that came with her meal! It was like magic!

I think two little kids are going to sleep well tonight!

Fall Fun with Mabel and Clementine

We had some fun outside this morning. Mabel enjoyed jumping in the leaves. We collected some and talked about them. I think she thinks a maple tree might be a "Mabel" tree!

She liked sitting on our big rocks with Coda. Coda is starting to tolerate Mabel more, but needs constant affirmation from us!

Grandpa gave Mabel a spin around the house in our Costco Cart!

Then he drew a Mabel tree for her!

I helped her glue leaves on the Mabel tree! It has box elder, aspen, scrub oak and maple leaves!

It was fun listening to grandpa read Peter Rabbit through the nursery monitor!

Clementine can scoot anywhere she wants now, and really enjoys playing with toys. She wore herself out and took a morning nap during our outdoor time!

After nap time we opened a box of My Little Ponies, which belong to Brittany. We were glad we've saved them for 25 years, as Mabel loved them every bit as much as her mother did!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Week with the Grand Kids!

Ed and I are so lucky this week. Brittany is in Iowa visiting Amanda and her new baby, Hugo. So, we get to watch Clementine and Mabel! John will also stay with us several nights so he can enjoy them, too!

Mabel got right to work setting up her farm animals. It is so interesting watching her play!

She was mildly entertained by our attempts to make spiders out of dry erase marker ink on tin foil. They float in water and you can blow them around with a straw!

We had to get complete instructions on how to care for Clementine, who has entered the solid food stage. She seems to enjoy eating very much!

I found an electronic Little Maestro in the basement that we used when our kids were little. With a new set of batteries, it worked perfectly, and Mabel enjoyed picking out familiar songs for it to play!

It's going to be a fun week!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Brittany Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Brittany's birthday last night again! Mabel got to help her blow out the candles on her pumpkin cupcakes.

I made them from a double-sided silicon mold I bought at Michael's, and thought they turned out pretty nice!

The Nuttalls joined us for a light soup dinner, as did a giant plastic spider and a squeaky rat!

Clementine was in a really fun mood! It didn't take much to make her laugh!

Then we had a pajama movie party with snacks, one of Brittany's favorite things to do!

Before we put the kids to bed we watched an episode of the Great British Baking Show. It makes me happy to know that I'm not the only one that either burns or undercooks things!

We finished up with The Woman in Black, a horror movie with Daniel Ratcliffe. It was just the right amount of scary, and we all enjoyed it! I even stayed awake till the very end!