Thursday, August 17, 2017

Grandma Holds Hugo

I got to hold little Hugo today! He is so sweet, and just cuddles up in your arms! He's back up to his birth weight now, so at a 3.5 pounds  he is very light, but surprisingly like every other baby! I loved his long, beautiful piano fingers!

Amanda and I explored the new hospital and found a beautiful area on the 12th floor with a great view of Kinnick stadium, where she could watch the Iowa marching band halftime show in a few weeks. I imagine Hugo would have to stay in his room, however!

Nolan had a band break this afternoon and was able to meet us for dinner at Iowa City's favorite restaurant, Monicas. I had the lasagna and loved it!

As if weren't already stuffed,, we stopped at Hurt's Donuts across from Amanda's office. They had fun names of their creative donuts!

When we got home Amanda finished putting up pictures of Hugo on the whiteboard we bought today. It is nice to have pictures of him at home, since we had to leave the real Hugo in the hospital!

While Amanda was busy I practiced the guitarron! Here is a video of me playing (and singing) De Colores. I'm ready to join a Mariachi band!

I'm going to miss baby Hugo when I go back to Utah tomorrow. Maybe when I come back he'll be home and I can serenade him on my new guitarron!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hugo's Big Boy Room

Hooray! Hugo got to move to a big boy room today. He was so happy! He has been doing so well that they moved him to the brand new Children's Hospital wing. It has only been open a couple of months!

His previous room had one desk chair and one soft chair, and a curtain you could pull for "privacy."

The chair could theoretically be made into a bed, but there was no room for it to pull out!

When they rolled his incubator into the new room, Amanda just sat there in stunned silence for a while. I guess she thought they weren't worthy of this largesse!

I thought if I'd known I could have this much room I could stay another week! This is the Ritz of hospital rooms!

It even has a private bathroom with a shower in it!

The window overlooks the University of Iowa football stadium where Nolan will be with the marching band on game days!

Hugo snuggled up sweetly in his new room. I thought I'd show you his nice head of black hair!

We got home a little later than usual, but were excited to find a little octopus for preemies that Crystal had crocheted especially for Hugo. It even came with a little hat. We'll take it back to the hospital tomorrow and see if the hat fits!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hugs for Hugo

Hugo got to get out of the incubator for some cuddle time today. We had on a cute little outfit with feet on it this morning, and was so cute sleeping on his side!

He got to do a Google Hangout with grandpa in Utah. Grandpa loved that!

Nolan came in at lunch time and got to hold little Hugo. It was so precious seeing him look up into his daddy's eyes!

It was hard having to wait a week before you got to hold your baby, but it made it all the sweeter when the opportunity arose. Now that Hugo is doing so well, Amanda and Nolan can hold him when they want. However, they need the nurse to help them so they don't get the wires tangled!

When the nurse tucked him back to bed he reached out to give grandma a high 5!

Amanda has to keep pumping to provide milk for the baby, so while she is busy with that, I took a look at the guitarron she picked up for us this spring. We want to take it back to Utah, but need to drive out one of these days. It is a very interesting instrument, and we can't wait to add it to our collection!

We had just enough time to do a little yard work in the late afternoon. The ash tree had branches resting on the house, so I took a set of loppers up on the roof and gave it a trim!

After cutting the branches we applied some tar to protect the tree from disease.
I have to admit we felt a little smug about being able to climb on the roof and trim the tree. Amanda stayed on the ground and gave me moral support as well as cutting advice!

We finished the day with dinner at the home of Amanda's boss, Kathy. They had some business associates from Japan visiting, and had the entire flute department there, as well as the owners of West Music, who all congratulated Amanda and asked her how she was doing!

They gave her a nice plate of leftovers for tomorrow, which made her (and me) very happy as well!

Monday, August 14, 2017

More Baby Hugo

Hugo was just as cute today as yesterday! It is so amazing watching him suck on that giant pacifier! A very clever boy!

Nolan is working at the University of Iowa band camp this week, but came over during his lunch hour to read to the baby.

In the afternoon Hugo had a brain scan. It was really an ultra sound where they look in through the soft spot on his head. It is standard for babies as they hit their 7 day mark. We didn't get the results back. They're just trying to make sure there is no bleeding in the brain.

Hugo didn't like the brain scan much, but calmed down very quickly when Amanda reached in to comfort him.

 Amanda and I had fun singing songs to Hugo out of the songbook I put together for him. The hospital likes the babies to have only calming music in the NICU, so I didn't include any rap music in the book! Happily, there happen to be a lot of Celtic songs that are very soothing!

We had time to go to several stores in the afternoon. I was amazed at the store Menards, that has hardware, groceries and more! It was gigantic!

We stopped by to see Nolan after a long day at band camp. It rained today, but that doesn't phase the band, because they have an indoor as well as outdoor practice field! The University of Iowa treats the band right!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Meeting Baby Hugo

I flew to Iowa last night to meet baby Hugo. He was waiting for us this morning sporting a magician's outfit! It was the first time he got to wear real clothes. He's doing well, maintaining his own body heat and breathing on his own!

He is 16 inches long, but very thin!

Amanda and Nolan are very happy that Hugo is doing so well, but feel like they still have so much to learn about how to take care of him!

I had to wear a mask because I've been exposed to illness within the past 7 days. It's a good thing I have experience with masks! I wish I'd brought my pretty one!

Amanda got to help change Hugo's diaper today. He likes to suck on a pacifier when he is being manipulated. The binky is huge for his little mouth, but he doesn't seem to mind. He looks so small, but perfectly formed at the same time. He looks like sweet little miracle!

Alpine Days Parade

Saturday we went to the Alpine Days Parade. I was happy to see it was just as good as I remembered from last year. They must have had 4 different kinds of old hearses on parade!

We were lucky to get seats on the east side of the road, so we didn't have to look into the sun!

The tractors were apropos for a community that has it's history steeped in farming!

They had some little ponies pulling a stagecoach and some giant Percherons pulling a supply wagon. They were both fantastic!

They even had a yellow submarine and a purple octopus!

All four of the mayoral candidates rode in the parade. We were amazed to think we knew them all. The Alpine Nature Center has helped us get involved civically, and we enjoy feeling a part of the community!

Afterwards we walked around the vendor booths and settled on eating a Navajo taco in the park! It doesn't get any better than this!

Alpine Days Rodeo

We invited the Nuttals and Zam over to the Alpine Days Rodeo Friday night. We met at our house and walked over together across Lambert park.

We got great seats at the top of the grandstand where we could lean up against the bars behind us.

It so amazing to sit in the rodeo stands on a beautiful evening surrounded by mountains on two sides.

We enjoyed everything, especially the mutton bustin' (kids 3-7 years old riding sheep) and the cash cow (kids chasing a calf with dollar bills stuck on it! We can't wait till Mabel and Clementine are old enough to join in the fun!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Slow Jam on the Porch

We had Alpine Slow Jam on the front porch last night. It was a beautiful evening to be outdoors. It was even nicer when the sun started to set, as the porch faces west!

We had two new jammers, my sister, Barbara and a new friend named Cherie. It was especially nice having a fiddler (Barbara). It made us sound really great!

We also had an uninvited guest that appeared when the porch light went on! He must have been 4-5 inches long (and he flies)! If you know his name, let me know! I didn't know Utah had beetles that big!

Ladies Day

I met the hiking ladies at the Trellis Cafe at Ashton Gardens for a birthday lunch yesterday! We had more people show up for lunch than for hiking! It makes you wonder...

Everyone ordered salads, and they were terrific! It was nice eating outside and enjoying the flowers, as well!

After lunch I stopped at Amara Salon and had my hair cut and highlighted. It felt good to get a new hairdo, and even better to have the great scalp massage they give there! That was a nice plus in favor of going back there again!