Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Day in Provo

We spent our last day house hunting with Brittany and John. This was our favorite for the day. It was built in 1960, but was very nice inside and had been kept up-do-date.

The neighbor's dog joined us as we discussed the pros and cons in the front yard. We felt so at home that Brittany and John put in an offer, which was accepted this evening! We're pretty excited.

We met Aunt Annette for lunch at the Black Sheep, where I had a yummy Navajo taco. You can't get that in Maryland!

Mabel slept through lunch in her infant seat.

We also stopped at a chocolate bar where we had a tasting of chocolate bars and flavored vinegar. That was pretty upscale, but interesting. Who knew that specialty vinegar is all the rage?

Mabel slept through the chocolate tasting, as well!

We got Grandma an early birthday present--a new front door handle and lock. It was really a present for Grandma's house guests, as the old mechanism requires more skill than most of can master. We'll have to wait for Ed to come out in October and install it!

We celebrated our last evening with Joe and Stephanie and coconut cream pie.

I'll have enough time tomorrow morning for one more hug of Mabel before I fly home to Maryland!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Three Grandmas

Crystal and I went to church with Grandma today, and had a giant salad lunch afterwards. We felt so healthy, as Crystal and I walked the mile to and from church, as well.

John's parents invited us over for dinner, and had a wonderful spread of pot roast and fixings. We enjoyed the berry cobbler dessert, as well.

We enjoyed getting to know John's brother, Peter, a little. He's a baby lover, just like John.

Mabel looked so cute in her Sunday dress. I was happy to get to hold her, as I only have one more day with her till I go home.

Grandma Marti is a real baby lover, and I'm glad Brittany has her in town to help her, as I'll be so far away. She's probably much better, because she's a seasoned grandma and knows the ropes. All I have going for me is enthusiasm! I love being a grandma!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mabel Goes to the Mall

Crystal and I started the morning with a long walk along the river in Spanish Fork.The fields of alfalfa were beautiful with the mountains behind them.

The city has paved a beautiful, wide asphalt trail along the length of the Spanish Fork River. We had fun comparing our FitBit Steps. It turns out that I take more steps than Crystal regardless of which FitBit we are each wearing.

Crystal serenaded us on the mountain dulcimer before we left to meet up with Brittany and John. She's getting a little repertoire together from taking lessons. I like it!

We took little Mabel on her first shopping trip to Provo Towne Center.

Our first stop was the portrait studio, hoping she was well fed and rested enough to pose for pictures.

We lucked out and she posed sweetly for a number of pictures. John calls them her Glam Shots!

We celebrated our success by stopping at sub zero for ice cream. We had stopped there last year when I was in town, and the girl behind the counter remembered us! Strangely enough, we also remembered her!

Ru loves Crystal and cuddled right up with her and Mabel this afternoon. It was a good thing someone loves Ru, because she was in the doghouse after peeing in the baby's carseat yesterday!  It's not easy playing second fiddle to a human baby!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Ever After with Relief Society

This evening I joined my mother and her friends at a Salem Stake Relief Society retreat. It was at a ranch at the foot of the mountain. We all got tiaras and really great goody bags.

The theme was Happily Ever After. I wished I had signed up for some of the fun craft classes they provided.

But, the pot luck alone was worth the trip! I especially liked the chinese noodle salad and the peach pie.

We even had a visit from our fairy Godfather, who led us in a very fun kazoo chorus. He gave me some great new musical ideas!

We finished up with some speakers, and had a great ride home, enjoying the view of the full moon rising over Loafer Mountain.

Aunt Crystal comes to Utah

Grandma and I stayed up till midnight last night to be awake when Crystal drove into town. She was so excited to see Mabel that she drove 8 hours after working all day Thursday!

Being a good Auntie, she didn't forget Skimbleshanks, bringing a feathered catnip ball for the cats.

She made herself useful, assembling the baby swing after she finished vacuuming.

Mabel seemed to like it just fine, but I don't understand what keeps it swinging, as you don't wind it up, and the battery is only connected to the base. These new-fangled baby gadgets are a mystery to me!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mabel goes House Shopping

We took our little pea pod out this morning to look at houses. She's was so cute, and so good.

I don't know who liked the sling better, Mabel or John. She was so content to hang out with Dad.

Our favorite house was a very cool dated house from 1970. John and Brittany love unique properties.

We came home and Mabel got ready for another cat nap. Skimbleshanks put up with it.

Grandma came and picked me up at Brittany and John's house. She got to see Mabel wide awake and was able to get a cuddle. The cat kept an eye on her!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Temple trip and Baby's Night Out

I took a new walking route this morning, and came upon this beautiful scene of the Salem Pond with the mountains behind it and the ducks in the foreground. It makes it look like my mom lives in some kind of paradise.

Mom also has some of the nicest neighbors. A large group of them went to the Payson temple with us this morning.

It is unbelievable that a little town like Payson has such a large and beautiful temple. It was so fun seeing the inside of it. It made me want to go home and redecorate my home.

To cap off a nice morning we went out for Tsing Tao for Chinese food afterwards.

Then, I went to Brittany's house to see my little pea pod, Mabel. They had her sleeping in a swaddle suit. It's like a straight jacket for babies, but she seemed to love it. She had a big day, with her first visit to the doctor today. She came out long and lean on the charts.

When John got home we all went out to dinner together at Malawi's Pizza. The adults loved it. Mabel will never remember her first night on the town, as she slept right through the whole thing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More Mabel

Mabel had lots of visitors today. She gets cuter every day!

My sister Annette dropped by and after getting her cuddles from the baby we went out to lunch together.

I got to hold the baby, but sometimes I had to make do with the cat, who was plenty needy. Poor Skimbleshanks is feeling a little displaced.

I learned a new word this week--"consuegra." It is a Spanish word that means the mother-in-law of my daughter. This is my consuegra, Marti, who came over to give the baby some love today.

My mom dropped by and we got a four generation picture with little Mabel. You can barely see her, but she's the one in middle!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Joy and Pain

One of the joys of being in Utah is being surrounded by mountains. The joy of being in Salem is walking in a cow pasture. I got my 10,000 steps early today before going off to spend the day with Mabel.

Mabel had her first outing today. We went to Target, but stopped off at the hospital lab for some blood work for Mabel. She did not like it! It was nice to see she will let us know when she is not happy. The rest of the day with her she was an angel!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday with Family

My nephew Joe and I, who is also staying with Grandma for a couple of weeks, attended church with my mom today.

Joe's fiancee, Stephanie, joined us after church for a great roast beef luncheon. I feel bad that I'll miss their wedding in September.

They seem well matched, musically, at least. They sang a hymn for us, which was beautiful.
At Brittany and John's house I found Mabel sleeping peacefully, something she apparently hadn't done the night before!

John strapped on the baby and we went for a turn around the block. It was a beautiful day for it, but we wore Brittany out with our enthusiasm for exercise.

When we got home I got to hold Mabel, but John had to make do with a cat.

Mabel wore the cute sheep outfit Crystal had stitched for her.

Aunt Annette and Uncle Kent dropped by to see the baby. They are much more experienced in babies than we are, having 17 grandchildren of their own.

John tossed together some stir fry for dinner for us. I got some good ideas from him on how to spice my veggies when I go home.

I feel a little guilty leaving Brittany and John alone at night. I well remember those sleepless days with a new baby and wish I could be there to help them through those difficult nights! I'll be sleeping well
at Grandma's tonight!