Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ice is Nice!

We have had such a mild winter that we have time to be amazed at every little cold thing. When we walk in the morning there are lots of these tiny little branches covered in tiny icicles. The trees have no ice, but only twigs laying on the ground. The dew point must be low to the ground!

With temperatures in the 40's everyday the water is flowing freely down Dry Creek, but several branches in the water are also covered with ice each morning.

Tomorrow it's supposed to snow, but I don't know about that!

No Kid Outing

On Monday Brittany and John both had the day off, but the daycare was open. So, we took advantage of that to go to the movies with them!

We had to see The Last Jedi to know what everyone is talking about. I liked the red guards, but other than that there was entirely too much fighting and exploding for me!

We went out for a late lunch at Oh, Mai, Vietnamese cuisine, and had time to visit afterwards. Don't tell Mabel we also had ice cream without her!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Museum of Curiosities and More

Yesterday Ed and I took Mabel and Clementine to the Museum of Curiosities. It was a really nice children's museum with lot's of hands-on activities!

Mabel enjoyed trying everything! It was fun unlatching these little doors!

She enjoyed trying out the puppet show!

Worlds of Wonder brought a live animal show. This white red fox was really  beautiful!

Mabel got to pet a giant bunny and a hedgehog!

Clementine didn't get much action, but she was eyes-wide-open the entire time!

Mabel's favorite item was the "gas pump" where you inserted a ball in a tube and it popped out somewhere else!

The other kids were nice to catch the balls and give them to Mabel to put back in!

The water room was fun, if not a little wet! They had little chairs where you could insert the babies!

We pried Mabel out of the museum and went over to Arctic circle for even more fun!

Three months ago Mabel was afraid of the big slide, but this time she went down it without any encouragement and ran over to Ed and yelled, "Grandpa, I did it!!" That was fun to see!

Clementine went down the little slide on grandpa's lap!

But, wait, the fun didn't end there! We brought them over to our house and let them play in our new playpen, complete with balls. Then, we all took a nap while we waited for Brittany and John to finish cleaning their carpets and come over to pick up the kids!

Week in Review

I've been a lazy blogger this week! It's not that we haven't done anything! We walked everyday. Fortunately, (or unfortunately), Lambert park is mostly free of snow, and the weather has been moderate. We feel sorry for the rest of the country, as we have 45 degrees everyday! Finally we got some rain, which provided some much needed snow for the mountains!

We tried out Chubby's restaurant in Pleasant Grove (not to be confused with the Cubby's chain). It possibly did have the best hamburger in Utah county!

We went to see the Greatest Showman, which we enjoyed tremendously. It was beautifully filmed and had great singing and dancing! It must be hugely popular, because the first theater we went to was sold out, so we went to a different location and got the last two seats for the 5 p.m. show!

And I babysat for Brittany one evening while she went to a cake decorating class. Ed was at the city council meeting, but Mabel and I and Skimbelshanks had a good time together!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Abby Stevens wedding Shower

My niece, Abby is getting married next month, and we had a shower for her on Saturday! (She's the one on the right on the couch!). It is exciting to see her getting married. We were lucky to have shared those Colorado years with her, where Barbara's and my family both grew up. 

In an amazing turn of events she will be Abigail Adams! I wonder if the name had a little extra attraction for her!

My sister, Barbara hosted the event and invited her family as well as Abby's Stevens family. I had only met Naomi once before! 

My sister Annette is visiting here with Arlene, who is a Stevens aunt we know well, as she married our cousin!

Eli's wife Lacy is expecting again, and Barbara will soon have TWO grandchildren! My brother's wife Sara was there, as well as my mom! It was a real celebration! Congratulations, Abby!

Back to Work (or is it play)?

The holidays are over, but not for Ed, who is retired! Everyday is Saturday to him, so he was a little bummed when I reminded him we hadn't walked in 2 weeks! Friday we finally got back in our groove. I'd like to say it felt good, but lazing around every morning had also felt good!

We met our friends, the Links, for lunch. It was fun to catch up with them and with what's going on in Maryland! We still miss our ward family back there! It is nice that everyone has friends and family in Utah and occasionally people are able to find a little time to see us!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Behind the Scenes at the Monte L. Bean Museum

We took the Hautas to the Bean Museum where Brittany works yesterday.

They were not afraid of the giant snake! The museum is hosting a Smithsonian traveling exhibit about monster snake fossils discovered in South America.
Titanoboas lived before dinosaurs, but in a fight with T-Rex, the 48 foot snake could have easily squeezed it to death!

We got to see some of the live animals the museum uses at its shows. Brittany is not afraid of tarantulas or snakes!

Their largest animal is a red tegu named Simon. It was fun getting to touch the animals, but we were happy not to hold them!

She also took us to the mammals collection, where she found some pinyon rice she had personally skinned and stuffed with cotton!

The wet collection is the perfect setting for a very scary "Night at the Museum." They had rows and rows of bottled animals, all neatly cataloged!

We're lucky Brittany works in such an interesting place and is able to share it with us!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hugo Goes to Park City

We drove up to Park City yesterday with Amanda, Nolan and Hugo. It was not only Hugo's first time there, but the first time we had stopped to go shopping there. They have a LOT of art galleries there!

We enjoyed stopping at the Java Cow for a warm bowl of chili.

On the way home we stopped at Sub-Zero in Sandy, where we amazed Amanda and Nola with that wonderful mix of science and delicious--ice cream frozen right before your eyes with liquid nitrogen!

You can pick any of a myriad of flavors and I finally got just the right combination of chocolate flakes, real cherries and cherry flavoring that I've been hankering for for several years now! Mmm!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year's Day in Salt Lake City

We dropped Crystal off at the airport yesterday and spent the rest of the day in Salt Lake City. We had a very late lunch at the Red Iguana.

It is so popular that even at 2:30 p.m. there was a half hour wait to get seated! It was worth the wait, however, and we really enjoyed the mole choices on the menu!

We stopped by at temple square. I was hoping to Light the World by buying a goat for charity at the charity vending machine, but the Joseph Smith building was closed and we were told the vending machines would be removed when it re-opens. I missed my chance!

Happily, the lights were still on and the crowds were very light, so it wasn't hectic as we walked around!

We stopped off at Kneaders for a little dessert on the way home. Amanda had sensory overload and was unable to settle on one item, so we had to get one of each!

New Year's Eve

Brittany and John came back for one last hoorah on Sunday. Crystal and Brittany made hand pies with cranberry and chutney filling.

After they went home we tried to walk off the pies in Lambert Park. We enjoyed the sunset and the lake view, but it got cold quickly when the sun went down, so we hurried home. It had snowed on Christmas Eve, and the ice on the paths made walking a little difficult with baby Hugo.

We celebrated New Year's Eve by going to bed by 10!

Baby Bonus Shots

I know three kids that will be happy we're finished recording! Mabel and Coda were in the thick of it during practices.

We tried to work practice around naps, but the Clementine never seemed to sync up with her sister on her nap!

Hugo (the Wizard) was very cooperative and either napped or sat in the swing during practice. Now we're ready to give him our full attention!

It's a Wrap!

We finished our recording session Saturday! Hooray! We recorded 13 songs in 6 days! We had done a lot of work on the songs before we got together and that helped tremendously!

Ed has vowed to start mixing the songs earlier this year! When he waits till October to start mixing them it is hard to remember what we were doing!

I hope I never see another B minor chord again in my life! It seemed like every song this year was sprinkled with them! My broken wrist is doing much better, but that pushed it to the limit! It shows I have a ways to go still in my rehabilitation!

We moved all the recording equipment upstairs for one last song, O Holy Night. This will be the fourth time we've covered that song!

Crystal brought us a beautiful trio arrangement of it that she had played in church in Colorado. The girls also played the song at Brittany's church on Sunday morning.

We celebrated by going out for sushi at Sushi Ya in Orem.

I taught Clementine how to use chopsticks!

We ended up the evening playing a game at Brittany and John's house, after which they were happy to sleep in their own beds after a long week away from home!