Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lunch at Guadalahonkys

I went out to lunch with my Ministering Sisters on Monday. It feels strange not to say my "visiting teachers," but I'm trying to get on top of the new program. We had great Mexican food at Guadalahonkys in Draper. The first two restaurants we tried were closed on Mondays! What's with that!

We're glad the church is changing to a new emphasis with the ministering program, but also happy that it still provides us the opportunity to make good friends and enjoy one another's company!

Weekend Walk and Play

We took Brittany and the girls on a walk in Lambert Park Friday, following the Spring is Sprung Loop we've mapped out for the Alpine Nature Center.

We had a list of 10 plants to look for, but somehow missed a beautiful patch of Glacier Lilies (thank Brittany, for noticing them)!

Afterwards we stopped for dinner at Arctic Circle to give the kids some play time, and us a rest!

It is so fun to watch how good Clementine is at climbing! She is absolutely fearless, and can navigate stairs in both directions. She can also go down slides head first and feet first without even balking!

In the evening John joined us for Pinyon Rats practice. Mabel thinks she is a member of the band and is pretty good at all kinds of percussion. She sometimes even strikes on the downbeat!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Pickleball and Omelettes

It snowed this morning, so Ed and I went to the church and played pickleball rather than walking. I'd like to say I won a game, but that was just wishful thinking. We got a good workout, though!

Afterwards, Ed made breakfast for me! He has omelettes down to a science! We often have them on Friday morning, as I weigh in on Thursdays at Weight Watchers. It's a reward for good behavior!

Slow Jam

We had a good turnout for slow jam last night. We're working on some songs for an as-yet unbooked gig this summer. We're hoping to play on a Monday night when the snack trucks come to Alpine.

It was fun having Barbara back in band. You never really feel like you have a band until you have a fiddler!
It was also fun having Hazel, our high school friend who just happens to love the music of the 70s that we grew up with! Coincidentally, we, also love it!

The Last Days of Night

Velyn hosted the Alpine book club yesterday. It was fun to see her house and the beautiful job she did on her kitchen remodel.

We read The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore. It was about Tesla and Edison, told from the point of view of Westinghouse's lawyer. We all enjoyed it very much. We learned a lot, and thought the book was written in such a way to keep you wanting to find out what happened. It turned out Tesla won...but he also lost!

Next month we're reading a play out loud in book club--we have a script for Little Women. It will be fun to see people's acting skills!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Over the Hill to Fort Canyon

Ed and I ventured out of Lambert Park today and hiked from the Cove to Fort Canyon over the new trail. It was a beautiful walk!

The trail was covered with red-stemmed filaree, all in bloom!

There was a Utah White Fir that was three times the size of any of the putzy-dutzy ones in Lambert Park!

We saw a pair of wild pheasants, who got away before we could get a good picture.

The weather was so nice we barely noticed how steep the climb was!

When we got close to the Fort Canyon development we looked over the edge, but decided not to walk down, as we'd already walked over 2 miles in one direction!
On the way home we stopped in Lambert park and took a picture of a couple of geese who posed nicely in front of our beautiful mountain backdrop!  Did I mention we love living in Alpine?

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Pickleball at the Church

Ed and I bought an indoor net for pickleball and tried it out with the Sardoni's at the church tonight. It rained all day, so it was fun having a warm place inside to play. It was also nice because the gym had brand new pickleball lines just waiting to be played upon!

The Sardoni's brought Liz along, which brought play to a whole new level! We thought we were so good, but it turned out that whoever was on Liz's team won! Ed and I are going to need some more lessons!

Lacy's Expecting a Girl!

My nephew Eli and his wife Lacy are having a girl in May! Calvin will be so happy to have a baby sister! We went to a shower to celebrate with her this afternoon.

Brittany and I rode up to Salt Lake together. It was also fun seeing Abby again! She says she loves married life and that its fun living with someone you really like! He was home making cookies for when she got home from the shower. Who wouldn't like a husband like that?

Music Sorting

Yesterday Brittany came over to help me go through some music that my mom was getting rid of  It doesn't seem right to get rid of music after you spend a lifetime collecting it! Brittany took some, and I'm hoping to give some to Amanda and Crystal, as well as keep some. This is just a small portion of it!

Brittany stayed for dinner, and Mabel had fun having a bottle fight with Grandpa! (Grandpa loved it, too!)

We had fun watching Clementine go down the slide over and over! It was fun to see how she had no fear of letting go after she positioned herself at the top. Mabel originally had a lot more trepidation with slides, but we didn't own a slide this small when she was a a baby!

Cord Cutting

The Bush family made the switch! We've been paying $80 a month for Dish network for the past two years, and have decided enough is enough!

We have switched to over-the-air network TV, which is coming in just fine! We never watch any of the cable stations anyway.

We also have Netflix and Acorn TV, so don't foresee any remorse for our decision. Ed installed a Tablo, which can record up to four shows at a time and play them back. He's also paying $5 a month for a slick TV guide interface.

It feels very liberating to cut the cord!

Mandolin lesson

I took a mandolin lesson Friday from Moriah. She's helping me work up the mandolin part for a couple of songs with the slow jam. She plays completely by ear, which is the opposite of me, who really likes reading music. She also told me to strike the chord and release it so it ends in a percussive sound. This requires playing closed chords, which will take a little practice!

Single Wide

My friend, Debbie, got us out of the house Thursday night to see a play at BYU. It felt wild and crazy, since Ed and I never think of going anywhere by ourselves!

We saw a musical called "Single Wide" about a group of people living in each other's faces in a trailer park. We really enjoyed it. They had some great lines in the dialogue and the music was great.

It made us think we should get out more often!

Shopping with Mom

Thursday we went shopping with Mom for new furniture and appliances for her soon to be remodeled home. We started at RC Willey, the biggest game in town. It was nice because they have appliances as well as furniture.

It must be terrible being a furniture salesmen when people can't find the perfect couch!

We had a great lunch at IKEA, but didn't do any shopping there. It was nice that Barbara met us, as she was very helpful in running back and forth between two stores with fabric samples!

We bought some appliances, but will have to make another trip to pick out the sofa. Between color,firmness style and size we still have some work to do!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Fur, Flowers, Fun

Springtime weather! Don't you just love it? Sunny one minute and hailing the next. Thank heavens for Coda (and us), yesterday's hail was light enough to not really dampen our enthusiasm for walking!

And, happily for us, the flowers are starting to bloom in Lambert Park! This shortstyle bluebell is one of my favorites from last year. There are only a few in bloom now, but in another week they will be prolific!

And look who is starting to walk! Clementine! It is so amazing watching her take her first tentative steps. She is so proud of herself!

Here is the video we took yesterday!

Not to leave Mabel out of the fun, we took a video of her dancing to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy! 

Easter with the Nuttalls

Brittany is becoming a cake maker extraordinaire! Her Easter cake was to die for. It had a hummingbird (like a carrot cake) cake inside, and had a little bunny diving into the coconut grass, surrounded my candy eggs. The Kit Kat fence border really put it over the top!

We enjoyed Easter dinner with John's family. His brother James has moved back to Utah, so it made a little larger group!  Marti made a delicious brisket!

Mabel was funny running around in the Easter bunny head!

Easter wore Clementine out! She kept on crawling around after the other kids to see what was going on!

The adults had a good time talking about all the changes announced at LDS general conference that day. Good things to come!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Pickleball and Playground

It was fun to see Mabel and Clementine after not having seen them for three weeks! Can you believe they've changed in such a short time? Mabel is getting so expressive with her sentence structure, and Clementine is taking a few tiny baby steps on her own!

We went over to Burgess Park Friday afternoon. Ed taught Brittany how to play pickleball (in the background) while I played with the on the playground with the girls. Mabel wanted to build a sand castle first. We weren't' very successful! She doesn't know you need water and a bucket!

It was fun to see Mabel going down all the slides by herself. She said "I'm not scared anymore!"

I had to keep a close eye on Clementine who loved to climb all the ladders and steps, but who is to small to go down the slides alone. I wedged myself in the tube with her a couple of times!

Afterwards I played a game of pickleball with Brittany and I lost! Ed must be a good teacher!

We had fun at Pinyon Rats band in the evening, then got up Saturday morning and dyed some Easter eggs.

Mabel also dyed the fingers on her right hand! She especially loved putting stickers on the eggs.

Clementine had a slight cold, but was cheerful and fun, nonetheless. Oh, to be young and not be bothered by the sensation of snot running down your face!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

First Book Club

The first meeting of the Alpine Cove/Box Elder Book club was intimate yesterday, with just Gaye Lynn, Debbie and myself! We discussed The Indifferent Stars Above by James Brown. It is about the ill-fated Donner Party. We wondered what causes some people to resort to cannibalism, and others just accept their fate and die. Even the fact that the Donner Party was not a cohesive group of immigrants probably did not bode well for the outcome of their trip.

Join us next month on April 25th, at 1 p.m. at Gaye Lynn's house. We'll be discussing the Orphan Keeper by Camron Wright. Hopefully, it will have a better ending! As a special bonus, Gaye Lynn will give you a tour of her house, which she is putting on the market! She's hoping you have a friend that would like to buy it! Here is a link if you'd like to check it out!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Home Again!

We're back! Half the fun of travelling is coming home! Coda was happy to see us. She is so nervous about us leaving her again, that when we go out and give her a peanut butter bone, she runs into the garage with us and drops the bone! She loves us more than peanut butter!

We hope spring comes soon to Alpine. This dusting of snow was an unwelcome surprise! We also hope we can get our sleeping clocks back in order! We're awake all night and sleepy all day!

We went to visit Kent and Annette in the hospital yesterday. Kent has had a bout of pneumonia, and has worried us significantly! We were happy that he was on the upswing and feeling good enough to eat a bowl of fruit! He was hiking Arches last week, and this came on suddenly. Hopefully, he'll be well enough for their big European adventure in three weeks!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Way of the Sea

Today we started at Haifa and drove down the coast to Jaffa, enjoying beautiful sea views all the way. The Roman Aqueduct outside Caesarea was one of my favorite spots!

Before we got to the sea we passed through Nazareth and talked about the fact that Joseph and Mary were part of a group of descendants of David that lived in the area. We would have expected them to live in Jerusalem.

Next we stopped at Haifa, where we enjoyed the beautiful view from a little area above the B'Hai faith headquarters.

Does it get any better than Roman aqueducts and blue ocean? I think not!

And to make it even better, Crystal and I got to dip our toes into the Mediterranean Sea!

In addition to the aqueduct, we stopped at the ruins of Caesaria, not far away.

It was fun to imagine what these ruins looked like in their heyday!

The amphitheater has been fixed up so they can use it for performances today. In ancient times it was twice as big! We wished Amanda had been with us to test the acoustics with an aria!

Our last stop was Jaffa. Who knew that it was the same Joppa talked about in the Bible. Jonah sailed from Joppa and ended up in the belly of a whale!

They have a very pretty church of St. Peters there in honor of the church changing its direction to start branching out to the gentiles as well as the Jews.

Do these look like weary travelers who are excited to go home tomorrow and sleep in our own beds? Yes! It has been a great trip, but 16 days is a LONG time to be gone!

On a sad note, Israel changes to daylight savings time tomorrow at 2 a.m. That means our 4 a.m. transfer to the airport will feel like 3 a.m.!

We said goodbye to our fellow travelers, singing Shalom Chaverim with them on the bus. We had a family join us a few days ago that is living in Kazakhstan. The mother's name was Mabel! It made us think of how much fun it will be to see our grandchildren when we get home. Too bad they will be in Colorado!