Thursday, October 18, 2018

HIking and Reading

We had day two of our Alpine Nature Hike yesterday, and had another lively group of women join us!

We found some amazing things, including one scrub oak with leaves as big as a fig tree!

We also enjoyed the sun coming out and casting a magical glow on Lambert Park!

The fall colors aren't as vibrant as last year, due to the lack of moisture in the summer, but they are still plenty beautiful!

I have loved these hikes so much. It would be fun to squeeze in a couple in the middle of the winter!

In the afternoon the book club reviewed, The Triple Package by Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld. It was a super interesting book based on the theory that some minorities do well in America based on three factors: A superiority complex, an inferiority complex and impulse control (drive). The book talked about Latter Day Saints and Jews, as well as many immigrant groups. It was nice to know Amy thinks we've got it!

Next month we'll read An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, my favorite book from Literary Sojourn. I hope the ladies like it!

Walking, Singing and Eating Ice Cream

We had so much fun walking with the ladies on Wednesday! It was exciting to be able to do Alpine Nature Hike #6 and complete the series! It was all about fall leaves, and we had a great time picking them and identifying them!

In the afternoon Debby Dickens went with Crystal and me to Day Murray Music to pick out some choir music for Christmas. Crystal played and Debby and I sang! We thought we were doing great till someone slammed the recital room door shut on us! Philistine!

We capped off a good day by stopping at Baked Bear on the way to the airport! They build a wicked ice cream sandwich, and are conveniently located right off the freeway close to Costco in Lehi, in case you need a fix!

It was nice having Crystal here for a few days. She and Ed had fun talking about blood! (Mine in particular!) They know much more about my condition than I do! I'm glad I have good caretakers!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Huntsman and Haunted

We took Crystal on a tour of Huntsman Cancer Hospital yesterday. I had labs in the morning, but we also dropped by the infusion center to show her where I've been spending the majority of my time!

Good news on my labs! My WBC was down to 8k! In the normal range! There are still a high percentage of those white blood cells that are cancer, but this is a giant step in the right direction!

We stopped for lunch at the crazy chandeliered Straw Market in the Avenues. You get an omelette, hash browns and a delicious cinnamon roll for only $7!

Just for the entertainment we stopped at some model homes on the way home from the hospital!

In the evening we dropped by Brittany's house to see the girls. Mabel actually can build a tower now! Up till now most of her play has been destructive rather than constructive!

Crystal has made significant progress in winning Clementine over to her on this trip! Hopefully she'll remember her when she comes back at Christmas!

We enjoyed going to the Strangling Brothers' Haunted Circus later! Ed and I were the only old people there. Makes you wonder why....

We finished up the evening with warm cookies and cold milk at Crumbl's in Lindon. Mmmm. A nice end to a good day!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Happy Brittany Bday Dinner

We celebrated Brittany's birthday last night together with the Nuttall clan. She had a special pumpkin spice cake made by Marti!

Happily, she picked nachos for the menu, which were easy, fun and delicious! It was also a pajama party. We should have added scary stories with a flashlight! Maybe next year!

Fall Fun

Crystal came to Utah this weekend, and we took her to see Grandma Saturday morning. We all stopped off in Payson for and Indian buffet lunch. Mabel and Clementine were sufficiently entertained to sit at their own table! They are growing up!

In the afternoon we went to Wilkerson Farms, which had a corn maize and plenty of entertainment.

Both Clementine and Mabel were brave enough to go down the slide by themselves!

Mabel liked the idea of the tea cups, but once they got going she thought better of it and decided not to go again!

Everyone had fun on the giant swing!

Everyone, except Grandma and Clementine. One was too little and the other too shaky!
We all enjoyed the delights of flavored cotton candy!

We got lost in the corn maize, and were proud when we finally got out! I was proud that I got 10,000 steps for the first time in 2 months!

It is fun to have kids to have an excuse to do fun things, like climb the pumpkin pyramid!

It was fun to see how much joy the girls got in checking out the pumpkins, both big and little!

Ed, Crystal and I went home exhausted! We can only have so much fun in one day!

Birthday Haircut

Brittany and I both had our hair cut on Friday. I had made an appointment with my friend, Michelle, and she was nice enough to squeeze Brittany in on her birthday!

Ed gave the real birthday gift, doing double duty at home--watching the kids and making dinner! Thanks, Ed!

Later, my sister, Annette came over to visit. I forgot to take her picture, but she left a little love with a bag of delicious Utah truffles!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Linda and Dennis visit

Our California friends, the Fors, dropped by Thursday night to visit. It was fun to see them and catch up on what we missed. We filled them in on all the excitement in cancer-land. (My WBC is now down to 17k.)

They gave us a recap of the beautiful trip to Switzerland and Austria that we had to cancel in September. We were glad they were able to do it without us and give us a preview of things to come when we finally get my lymphoma under control!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Snow Day

We've been having rain off and on the past two weeks, and this morning it actually snowed on the mountain behind us. Our house was just low enough to remain in the rain belt!

And on another happy note, my brother, Jon stopped by to visit me during my infusion at Huntsman today. It made the time pass fast. I still feel good, and my WBC was down to 22k! Two more infusions to go!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Huntsman and Hugo

Ed and I started the day yesterday back at Huntsman where I got 100 mg of a Rituximab infusion very slowly and without side effects (yet).

On a happy note, my WBC went down to 33k! That was just from the Ibrutinib pill I'm taking! On a sad note, I'm scheduled for another 100 mg of Ritiximab today and tomorrow and 200 on Thursday and 300 on Friday! I'm very dubious they could get 300 mg into my body on one day! We'll see!

In the afternoon we got to visit with Amanda and Hugo on Google Hangouts!

It was fun seeing him pull himself up to furniture and playing with his toys!

He also loved playing the piano with his mom!

He even likes playing with the cats!

If you have to be long distance grandparents, it is truly a blessing to be able to video chat with your grandkids!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Sundance Saturday

We went with Brittany and John and the girls up American Fork Canyon this morning. The leaves were even more beautiful than they were several weeks ago!

We were listening to LDS general Conference as we drove and pulled over to the side of the road to hear every detail about the BIG announcement! The three hour Sunday block of meetings has been shortened to 2 hours, effective in January! President Nelson is quickly becoming our favorite prophet ever!

We bundled up warm for a cozy ride on the ski lift at Sundance. It was 37 degrees, but, thankfully, not raining, as had been forecast earlier!

Mabel and Clementine were a little nervous at first, but soon warmed up to the experience, and waved at passing riders!

We had lunch at the restaurant afterwards, to celebrate Brittany and John's 7th wedding Anniversary! They had their reception at Sundance, so it holds special memories for them!

Then we came home and watched afternoon Conference in the comfort of our family room! We didn't want to miss any more historic announcements!

Friday Funday

We had a good time on Friday with the grandkids. Brittany told us a fun activity would be going to the store with them, just to look at Halloween items, and she was right! They are very easily entertained!

We also had a great time playing with them in the toy box at home!

Clementine loves sitting on the doll furniture, as well as doing whatever game Mabel dreams up for the two of them!

Brittany showed me how to do a Dutch braid, and gave me a fancy hairdo! I was hoping (in vain) that Ed would show some interest in learning how to do this for me!

John came over after work, and the Pinyon Rats got together to make music in the evening! It was so great! I have been feeling so good and dread going into my next round of chemo next week. I have to go in every day next week for a Rituximab infusion, which may put a damper on me having fun for a while!