Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Announcing the Alpine Nature Center!

Poppy in Lambert Park
On March 18th this year Ed and I met with Holly Nash to talk about making an online presence called the Alpine Nature Center. The purpose of it would be to educate the citizens of Alpine about the beautiful landscape they live in, as well as the flora and fauna in it.

Brittany got involved and helped us find a great design for the website, using Weebly instead of Wordpress. I did much of the groundwork, using photos from my friend Marilyn Thomsen, as well as from a few people from the community. I took the majority of the pictures for it right here in Lambert Park.

Ed learned to code HTML and did the technical work on the website, as well as writing the Living with Wildlife pages!

We have a long way to go--we need more animals, and more plants, more trails, etc. But, we are very proud to announce the website is up and running. We're hoping to have lots of visitors!

Hot Time in Lambert Park

Ed and I took an afternoon walk in Lambert park today. Boy is it hot in the afternoon! We're used to walking at 7:30 in the morning, and didn't realize we'd be thirsty after the first mile!

It as discouraging that 50 percent of the trees have sustained damage from the frost last week. There are dead leaves everywhere, and in some places the entire tree is covered with shriveled leaves. The question is: Will they get new leaves this summer or not? If you know the answer to that, I'd like to know!

Irises--Not Wild and Not Tasty to Deer

Thank you to the Knudsens for all the pretty irises they planted in our yard. We've had fun discovering them as they've bloomed this spring! We are also happy that the deer don't seem to like them!

They come in all different colors!

Even, good old purple!

We have to make a special trip to the top of the back yard just to see them all!

I feel like we should have a picnic up by the shed so we can sit and watch the flowers grow!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ladies' Day

I dropped by Marilyn's house to give her a booklet about noxious weeds today. She was so happy that she gave me some purple allium from her garden! I think I got the better end of that deal!

Then I went to lunch with Judy, Diane and Shelly at the Dear Lizzie Boutique and Bistro. It was Diane's first selfie and she was really excited about it!

It was my first time at Dear Lizzie's although it is so close to us that it is almost in the city of Alpine! It was lovely! I had a half sandwich and half a spinach salad, and enjoyed them both! I'll have to take Ed one of these days!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Costco Cart

When Ed asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day I said, "A Costco Cart!" Something to unload the groceries into when we get home from Costco, so we can wheel them into the house in one trip!

He got me this nice cart with 3 levels and 3 inch sides to keep the items from slipping off! It also came with Ed, who happily wheeled it into the house for me!

It made unloading the groceries into the fridge (almost) fun!

Mabel also loved it! She wasn't very happy when we told her it was time to climb out of it and have dinner!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Chesterfields (sofas, couches or divans)

We had our new couches (or "Chesterfields", a word I learned from Anne yesterday)  delivered last week. We had ordered them from Bassett Furniture a couple of months ago and were happy to finally get them!

With the rounded couch in the window area and the new chaise by the fireplace we have a little extra seating space.

The new blue carpet gives the room a lighter feel. The old couch and love seat (seen here) are languishing in the garage till we can find someone to relieve us of them.

We kept our old wing chairs, although Brittany offered to take them if we were tired of them (which we are not)!

If you know of any Utah charities that will cart off our old furniture, I'd like to know. I've made several phone calls and come up short! The couch is sturdy but has some embarrassing holes in the fabric that just match Coda's claws!

Returning Nora Safely to the Fold of her Family

Nora and I finished our marathon road trip to Reno and back this afternoon. I dropped her off at her son Peter's home in Salt Lake about 4:30 p.m. Peter looks pretty chipper compared to Nora and me, who had driven 8 hours on only 4 hours sleep last night!

I'm glad Peter has the good sense to live in Utah so Nora will have to keep coming back to spend time with us. Sixteen hours in the car together was just the right amount of time to catch up on years of living far apart! Anne has invited the whole book club to her house for a ladies weekend! I wonder if we could work that out someday as well!

Annie and Sage Creek

The main event on our trip to Reno was seeing our good friend Anne performing with her band Sage Creek. They had a gig at the Water Springs Mexican restaurant in Sparks, Nevada tonight.

They gave a great show, and we were happy we drove 500 miles to see it

There were two mandolins, a guitar, a bass  and a dobro in the band. Everyone took turns singing. Nora and I particularly enjoyed the beautiful harmonies they sang!

 We enjoyed meeting Ann's mom and her friend Shawn and visiting with them over dinner. We formed a whole table of Ann groupies!

We LOVED hearing Ann shine as she sang with the group. her voice is so rich and strong and pure.

Here is a video of Sage Creek singing Hally Came to Jackson, featuring Ann on lead vocals! We were so proud of her!

Lake Tahoe, the Majestic!

Nora and I took a day trip to Lake Tahoe today, and were glad we did. This has to be one of the most beautiful spots on earth!

It is surrounded on all sides by majestic, snow covered mountains. None of of pictures did it justice. The water was so clear that you could see the bottom as you walk along the shore!

They had some nice nature trails around the lake. One of them featured this beautiful  blue bird!

The Truckee river was high and green! The water was so high because they had a ton of snow this year--the most snow in 20 years!

We went for a long walk, which was somewhat problematic because there are still piles of snow everywhere!

We finished up our adventure with lunch at Moe's BBQ right on the lake!   As you can see, the weather cooperated to make it a picture perfect day.

Then we came home to the "lodge" to freshen up for the concert tonight. I thought I'd post a few bonus picture of Anne's guest house. The kitchen has great pink and brown tiles in it.

The matching bathroom is fantastic. I'd say it is retro, but it is original tile!

Even the bedrooms have vintage chenille bedspreads. The house has been so cozy and warm. It makes us want to come aback again. We have a lot of Lake Tahoe left to explore!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Good to See Ann is Thriving in Reno!

We made it to Anne's house! One of her houses, anyway. She owns half of Reno it seems! It has been so great to see Anne again after 10 years!

We're staying at the "Lodge," which is decorated so cute. It's very comfortable and has some great retro bathrooms!

Now that we live in Utah, Anne is just over the mountains! Nora and I made the trip in just 7 hours! I had heard that the drive from Salt Lake to Reno was boring, but we didn't notice, because we were so so busy talking!

We went out to dinner at the Silver Peak, where we had salmon and lamb burger! Then we talked some more! We almost closed down the restaurant!

Then we came back to the lodge with the beautiful starry lights for more talking! You have to talk a lot to catch up on 10 years!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nora Arrives on Poppy Day!

Nora came out from Colorado last week to spend some time with her son in Salt Lake. She spent the afternoon with us today as we start Nora and Judy's great adventure tomorrow. We're driving to Reno to see our friend Anne in the morning.

In the meantime, Ed and I had fun taking Nora for a walk in Lambert Park.

We found our first poppies in bloom today! The first was this pretty orange California Poppy up by the water tower!

The second was a group of red poppy's by the homestead ruin! They are a hardy bunch, considering it was cold and snowy today!

We were happy the snow didn't amount to much and we were able to enjoy our afternoon walk with Nora. I told her all the names of the flowers I've learned.

We found this pretty orange flower that we have not yet identified. It is very small and delicate (picture not to size)! It may be Scarlett Globemallow!

We also found this tiny little daisy flower! I have a lot of plant identification to do when I get back from Nevada!

After our hike we took it easy for the rest of the evening. We had a big salad for dinner and watched the movie Hidden Figures. It was an amazing story that falls under the category of "How could I not have heard this story before?" We're glad we know it now!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Dinner

It was great having Mabel and Clementine over on Mother's day. It's kids that make us mothers, after all.

Brittany and John planned a Mexican fiesta for us, and John's parents and his nephew also came for dinner.

We had quinoa stew, mole chicken, cylantro rice, quesadillas, fried plantains and more! It makes my stomach hurt just to think about how much we ate!

After dinner the men cleaned up so we could get the party started!

The weather was nice enough for us to go outside and play spit the pit. We found there were some very accurate cherry pit spitters in our group. There were also a few people that got hit with wet pits! Sitting in a circle was dangerous!

For the main entertainment we went to the basement and played Old Folks at home with the band we called the In-Law Out-Law band.

Mabel steals the show with her dancing!

To cap it off Brittany had made rice pudding and bought Mexican pastries for dessert! All I can say about that is, "Vivan las Madres!"

Mother's Day Morning

We had a lovely Mother's Day morning today. Ed has mastered the art of the omelette since he retired, and made a delicious breakfast for us.

Both Amanda and Crystal called before church, which was nice. It's easy, since we have 1 p.m. church! It was almost like having our missionary girls call home!

Happy Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day Eve Barbara and Annette and I took Mom out to dinner. She chose the Asian Buffet in American Fork. Nothing like a good Chinese Buffet! We had fun trying out some foods we hadn't tasted before!

But the most fun part was the talking and laughing! Mom is the greatest. She reads newspapers and magazines regularly and always has something interesting to add to the conversation. She also loves a good story! We talked about people and their complicated relationships with their mothers. Ours was nothing but good! She was loving, caring and consistent in every way. We were lucky to have such a wonderful mom in our formative years, and even luckier to still have her here with us today!