Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trees and Shadows

We had three new trees delivered today. Do you think three 15 foot trees (an oak, a linden and a redbud) make up for the loss of one 40 foot mulberry? I think not, but perhaps in 40 years I'll feel differently.

I enjoyed this picture of our (Suzanne and me) dogs during our walk this morning. The shadow emphasizes the contrast between black and white!


  1. Coda's legs looks so skinny...We took Brandy to the vet Monday. She now weighs 60 pounds. She isn't fat, its the other dogs that are too skinny.

    We have already cut out treats and wet dog food, and this weekend we are going to pick up so weight control dog food. Every time I eat and don't give her anything she looks at me with those puppy eyes like she did something wrong.

    I can't help but feel that it is so unfair that I control her weight, but not my own.