Monday, September 28, 2009

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

We wish all the best to Kim and Craig as they take over ownership of our 20 year old pop-up trailer. We have long been thinking that using it once ever two years no longer justifies the fact that it takes up a parking stall in our garage. We could use that room happily for bikes or a car, yet the emotional attachment to our camping trailer has been too strong to let it go.

Everything changed several weeks ago when we tried to take the trailer out for it's bi-annual camping trip. It no longer co-operated with us. The lights wouldn't go on as we attempted to connect them to my new car. After hours of frustration, we took out our sleeping bags, shoved them into the back of the car and went camping, spending a very uncomfortable night on the hard ground. We decided it was time to let the trailer go. Kim and Craig graciously volunteered to take it off our hands. Craig was happy to put a little work into the electrical problems, and so yesterday, they came up and picked up the trailer. We hope they don't blame us when things fall apart. We did the best we could.

We also hope they have as many good memories as we had with the trailer. To us it represents summer vacation in the mountains of Colorado with our young daughters. It is nights spent playing cards in the warmth of the trailer. It is evenings sitting under the canopy listening to the rain fall on the canvas. It is waking up in the morning sun with the pattern of pine branches on the canvas above our heads. It is being cozy, being together and having fun as a family. In recent years we've traveled as a family all over the world, leaving little time for camping in the mountains of Colorado. This has been wonderful and memorable, but it does little to dim the memory of those happy times we spent camping in our tent trailer. We love you, tent trailer! Good luck in your new home with the Chafins!

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  1. "Parting is all we know of heaven,
    and all we need of hell."
    ~Emily Dickinson

    Granted, she was talking about death...