Friday, December 18, 2009

House Hunting 2

Ed and I are on our second (and, hopefully, last) house hunting trip to Baltimore.We're putting an offer in on this house today. The owners are out of the country, so we might not hear back till Saturday or even later on their response to our offer. We're offering them quite a bit less than the listing price. We're hoping to find a compromise somewhere in the middle. If not, we have a second favorite house, and we'll put an offer in on that one next week if this one falls through.

It's interesting that we have only this small window in which to choose a home. It's somewhat limiting. We'll have to pick from what happens to be for sale at this time. I'm sure we'll be happy with whatever we choose, but it feels somewhat confining to have so little time to make a decision. It reminds me of our house hunting trip from California to Colorado. We had two days to find a home. In the end we were very happy with our new 2500 square feet mansion, having just moved from an 800 square foot home in California. It seems that buying new homes is like taking drugs. Each time you buy a new one, it takes a little bit more to give you that same high. This home is 5500 square feet. You'd think that would be enough!

This is a picture of Ed and me on the fishing pier of this private, gated community where our (maybe) future house is located. We'll keep our fingers crossed!


  1. I want to come out and visit! Be sure your new house has an "Abby" room. jajajaja ;)
    But seriously, good luck, hope it turns out like you want it to. I'm excited to see the fam soon! Dibbs on being un sabio!

  2. I see you went with the house on Colonial Beach. I love the kitchen in this house, and you know what they say about kitchens and baths...It a beautiful home. I am so happy you kept pushing us to buy a house. Everytime I come home I say to myself "I love this house." Thanks