Sunday, April 6, 2014

Relating to Baltimore

The hunt is on! I've finally started my search for my Baltimore relatives. Starting with James Naylor Jones (born in 1810) and his wife, Sarah Ann Mallarnee, I've decided to verify who my Baltimore family really was. I had two goals in mind: to see if I was really related to Lord Baltimore (the answer appears to be "no") and if I had an ancestor who arrived on the Ark and the Dove, the two initial ships that arrived in 1634 to found the colony of Maryland. The answer to the second one appears to be yes! I had a Thomas Green--the second proprietary governor of Maryland (see, and a Thomas Price, who both arrived on the first ship. And to boot, I have a Thomas Graves (see: who arrived on the second supply ship to Jamestown, Virginia! Apparently, men named Thomas in our family were adventurers!

William Stone
William Stone, also an ancestor, was the third proprietary governor of Maryland, but arrived via Virginia (arrived in Virginia in 1619), with his wife Verlinda Graves. (see
James Naylor Jones, B. 1810, Baltimore
I started my quest on Thursday with the help of Judy Krieger, an expert genealogist in our ward. She found so much on, that I immediately came home and signed up for a membership. Over the course of the next several days, I found 143 names. It took all day Friday and Saturday just to collect the data! Now, my goal is to go to the Maryland Archives and St. Paul's Parish and verify everything I have written down. In the process I hope to be able to fill in the gaps where more research is needed!

I entered everything into Legacy, but if any members of the family want a GEDCOM file, I can make one and send it to them. Or, if you purchase Legacy, I can just send you the Legacy file.

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