Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fifth Annual Eldersburg Ward Fall Festival

Yesterday was the fifth time Ed and I had worked together on the Fall Festival. It was the first time it was held at the church. The church had lots of space to spread out the weather cooperated to make it a great evening.

Ross set up an even fancier root beer stand than ever before, with his homemade root beer in soft drink cylinders.

There was plenty of room for two tables for pies, ad well as 3 more for chili.

The young women did a great job on the face painting, and the young men had a photo booth in the bishop's office.

The parachute and the giant soccer ball were popular items, as usual.

Brother Meyers made some corn holes for tossing bean bags. The frisbee golf had plenty of room for a course on the opposite side of the church.

The Elders Quorum set up doughnuts on a string, which was one of the few things Ed and I had time to eat.

We had plenty of selection with 30 pots of chili! I even came home with leftover chili!

The judges did a terrific job behind the scenes and awarded first prize to someone who left before the awards were handed out!

There was a short program that included the missionaries, the Pearl Strings and the Big Bush Basement Band, all together for this number!

The Layton boys also did a terrific rendition of Funniculi, Funnicula.

I was proud of the Activity Day girls who played harmonicas and ukeleles on O, Susanna.

The main event was the polka races that turned out to be very popular we had to have 8 heats, plus a championship heat. It was fun watching as well as participating! I'm sure we have a few polka people who are a little sore this morning!

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