Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alpine High

We're back in the mountains today and took the opportunity to explore the trails in Lambert park, which actually surrounds our new subdivision.

The trails are shared by mountain bikers, so you have to watch out. In many places the scrub oak was actually tall enough to provide some sun protection (when summer comes).

If you know what you're looking for you can find our house in this picture, with Utah Lake in the background.

We see the mule deer love to hang out in the yards here just as much as the white tail deer do in Maryland.

We were able to meet the home inspector at our new home and take a little time to measure each room so we can decide which furniture to bring with us and where to put it when we move this summer.

We had dinner with Brittany and Mabel at Zupa's, one of my favorite salad restaurants!

We joined Brttany and John for popcorn and a movie in the evening. It was our first experience in their home theater. They mounted a projector and showed the movie on a screen they made themselves.

Seeing the Beach Boys in Love and Mercy made us think maybe we should get a set-up like this in our new home. It was more fun than we expected. The movie was very good, and Ed filled me in on the parts I slept through as we drove home to Grandma's house after the show!

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