Saturday, April 16, 2016

White Knuckle Trip to St. George

My sister, Annette offered us the use of her St. George house for the weekend, so Ed and I and grandma drove down yesterday for a day in the sun.

The sun didn't exactly cooperate with us, and we spent an hour and a half driving through snow and slush. Mom and I were just glad Ed was driving!

We met my sister, Joan, for dinner. She introduced us to some new Thai taste treats, including this Tom Kha soup, which was delicious. Anything with coconut milk in it always tastes great! Joan says its the lemon grass that makes it! She is a bit of an expert on Thai food, as she travels there frequently for work.
This morning Joan brought me over to Dixie College where she showed me her computer crimes lab. She teaches a class in this room on how to get information off cell phones. I think she is probably the one that broke open that Iphone for the FBI, but she's not admitting anything to me!

Afterwards she let me use one of her computers to update my blog. Next time I come down I'll try not to leave my laptop at Grandma's house!

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