Monday, February 5, 2018

Super Sunday!

We watched the Super Bowl yesterday with the Nuttalls, including Brittany and John's family and John's parents. We had assigned teams to root for since we really didn't have any skin in the game! (Sadly, my team lost!)

Mabel and Clementine really like football, and they especially liked eating in the family room!

We had a great snack-like dinner. Brittany went all out and made cauliflower buffalo wings (no chicken)!

She also made a practice cake she is trying out for Clementine's birthday (coming up soon). It was so delicious, with candied orange rinds on top!

We made our own half time show, practicing  Il est nĂ©, le divin Enfant with Marti and Ellis. Since they both speak (and sing) in French we thought it would be fun to record them on this French Christmas carol. Marti even played the ukulele while she sang!

It was a kindler and gentler version of a Whistling Prairie rehearsal! We didn't want to scare them off!

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