Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ed and Coda Nap

I was Skyping Barbara tonight, celebrating Abby's safe arrival in Norway. Amanda came in and told me I had to run in and see Ed sleeping on the couch with the dog. The TV was on, but neither Ed nor Coda was aware of it. They didn't even wake up when I took this picture. Don't they look sweet? It's nice to have a dog to cuddle with!


  1. Hey - It looks lik Ed has settled in and found a new friend.

    Steve Moulton here and I was thinking about you all and glad things are going so well and Ed is working so hard.

    Things are truckin along well here in Broomfield.

    Judy - at one time you told be about a guitar repair shop in Boulder that you liked and I wanted to get my Grand Father's old guitar in for repairs. Could you pass the name along?

    Best Wishes

  2. Ed hates this picture. He asked me why I didn't Photoshop his mouth closed!

  3. I think Paul likes it because he knows Ed would be embrassed because his mouth is open.