Monday, August 2, 2010

What Breed is Coda?

We were planning on having Coda DNA tested, but Amanda found out that the sites that promise to test your dog are a just a way of getting us to fork over $59 hard earned dollars for a bogus list of our dog's heritage. So, we'll just have to ask our vet what he thinks. My friend Cindy says she sees some Border Collie in her. We're going to go with that. We don't see any Cocker Spaniel in her at all, (as billed by the shelter where we got her). Either way, she's awfully cute and now everyone wants to be our friend. I took her for a walk today and I was suddenly very popular!

I tried to take a video of her doing her cute things today, but wouldn't you know it, she was embarrassingly disobedient on every video! I'll try again tomorrow!


  1. Judy, hope you're feeling better and that Amanda's foot has healed. Coda looks sooo cute, so who cares about her pedigree. Hope this takes--I can't remember how to post a comment. Nora

  2. I have seen a lot of dogs in the dog parks I frequent and I am definitely see border collie in this shot of her.

  3. What a fun picture. Her hair looks a bit crazy in that picture:) You are having so much fun with her. She is adorable!