Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bag Ladies

Christmas came early for the Black Eyed Susans! Carrie (2nd from right) made us all tote bags for our music. They are so incredibly beautiful! Now we look like a real band!

They have pockets on the front as well as the back! And look at the embroidery! I'm glad we have a quilter in the band!

The opposite side says, "Well behaved women rarely make history!" We're on our way to history next week as we have our first gig at the senior center! (I hope the ladies behave themselves!)


  1. I LOVE my bag! Thank you Carrie!!!

  2. Very cute. One of the gals (Sarah) I work with had to go in for surgery today (stage one breast cancer), So, she showed me how to read text so I could read updates (she is doing well) from her Mom. So you can send me text now, I still don't know how send text. One step at a time.