Sunday, June 19, 2011

Basement Inauguration Concert and Party

Friday night we had a party to celebrate the completion of our basement. Roberto and Alex and their band played for us. It was a terrific party, although it got started a little late.

The band consisted of boys from El Salvador as well as one from Ecuador. They started out the evening with a rousing version of Proud Mary, and continued with more songs in English as well as Spanish, one of them written by Roberto, himself. They ended the night with The Wall, by Pink Floyd.

The One Source Contracting crew brought their family and friends. It was nice meeting their wives and girlfriends, who we'd heard so much about. We met Billy Ray's wife Jenna and son Colby.

We also enjoyed meeting Todd's girlfriend, Christine. She is a Spanish major who grew up in Belize.

 It seems Henry and Roberto have imaginary girlfriends, as we've not yet met them!

While the band took a break, the Black Eyed Susans (and a blue eyed man) played Jambalaya. Whistling Prairie, which consisted of Ed, Crystal and myself, also did one of our all-time favorites, Never Did No Wanderin'.

Crystal finally got to meet the Boys from El Salvador that we've told her so much about!

After the music stopped we ate ice cream and visited with one another. It was a great inauguration for our basement, which we hope will host many more parties in the years to come!


  1. Wow, that looks like way too much fun. No wonder it took you until Sunday to get the pictures up.