Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home to Coda

We stopped by last night to pick up Coda at Lenny's house. She was happy to see us, and as you can see, Crystal is even more happy to see her! Coda loves staying with Lenny on the farm. She loves it so much that she sprained her paw. (Do dogs have ankles?) The vet told her to take some aspirin and not run for a few days. It's sad seeing her limping around the house, but only adds to our desire to pick her up and hug her. Crystal is going to run around the back yard carrying the dog, so she can still have fun.


  1. It good to leave, but coming back is always good too.

  2. If I was Crystal, I wouldn't like Coda at all. I'd be jealous and poke her when nobody was looking.

  3. I kinda wish I had a dog I could pick up and carry.