Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

It's been fun to be back in Colorado. We stayed two nights with my sister, Verlene, in Aurora. She accompanied us on a trip to Parker yesterday to see our old house. Parker now has tons of shopping! Sadly, our old home could use a little TLC (or water on the lawn). We ate lunch at Cheddars, one of the plethora of new restaurants in town.

Crystal and Brittany hadn't seen each other for 19 months (unless you count Skype), so it was great when Brittany arrived in the afternoon from Provo. We stopped by at our favorite pupusa stand and ordered some pupusas for Crystal's open house Sunday night.

The Reichmans were nice to give us a BBQ last night. Robin, the hostess, on the lower right is happily going to be a grandma this year! Carla, in green, is getting two MORE grandchildren. Aren't they the lucky ones? Jana (on left) and I both have that happy occasion to still anticipate some day!

Brent, Crystal and Daniel, who graduated from high school together 5 years ago are all return missionaries and finishing their degrees at BYU. Life is good.

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