Sunday, November 27, 2011

Decoration Day

Friday we decorated the house for Christmas. I had so much help this year that it went very quickly! It looks so magical with all the trees and the garland. We took time at the end of the day to take some "publicity" pictures for Whistling Prairie. I needed something for my new CD cover. We were lucky John had a good camera. By the time we were ready to take pictures, the sun had gone down, and my camera just doesn't do well in low light!

Even though it looks like we're having a fun time taking our picture, there were moments where it seemed endless. What is Crystal thinking in this picture?

And what are Ed, Amanda and Brittany thinking here? There will be prizes for the best captions entered in the comments section!


  1. Ed's thinking -- "Judy's giving our tablet's away for prizes? But we just got those!"

  2. Judea says Crystal is thinking, "When is Brittany getting out of the bathroom?" Seriously, don't you guys have more than one?

  3. I think they are thinking that as artist they suffer too much for their art (endless picture posing) and they are wondering if it is worth it.

  4. They are wondering what they will all do without Amanda to climb that ladder.