Friday, November 25, 2011

Grateful for Friends, Family and Food

We had a lovely, relaxing Thanksgiving. I did most of the cooking on Wednesday, which freed up some time in the morning for us to go to a fox hunt. Miss Carol invited us to the blessing of the hunt. Amanda took Miss Carol to the church service at St. John's in the Valley (Episcopal church).

We met them afterwards and were able to see all the riders and the hounds leave for the fox hunt. There must have been 50 riders, and as many dogs! If you are very clever you can find Crystal in this picture (with a red scarf).

Afterwards, Miss Carol told us a lovely story in the cemetery. When an old maple tree came down near her parents grave, they brought the farm manager over to take a look at it. Her father's dog came along for the ride, and although he'd never been to the cemetery, he went straight to his master's grave and sat there and cried.

Inside the church we met the organist, who gave us a private tour of the organ loft, as well as a mini concert. It was beautiful!

When we got home Brittany and Crystal made some pies, and the rest of us finished preparing for our feast. It was all worth waiting for!

Afterwards we tried to walk it off with a family jaunt down Tally Ho Court. Just when we thought we might be able to button our pants again, we decided to dig into the pies! We finished off the day playing Scattergories and watching a movie, Beyond the Sea. I am thankful for Thanksgiving Day!


  1. That's wonderful that you had all your children home for thanks giving (What a good-looking group!)

  2. so fun!!! Is your family going to be at church tomorrow? I am so happy that you got to spend Thanksgiving with all of them!

  3. What an excellent day. You have a wonderful family and an awesome life:)