Monday, November 7, 2011

A Dog's Life

Coda spends about half her waking hours on "deer watch." She sits on the arm of the couch and waits for deer to emerge from the woods behind our house. Then, she barks maniacally, till we let her out to chase them off her property. She's learned that it's more fun to not bark till she gets right up next to them. If she barks too soon she misses the thrill of watching them bound over the fence and off into the forest.

When she's not watching for deer she's trying to keep me from practicing. She gets in a very playful mood when she sees me pick up the guitar. It's irresistible. Although, I have to admit there are times I think she's just trying to stop the music!


  1. Those are beautiful shots. BTW it's amazing how long I practice when I don't have anyone to interrupt. It's like I don't know when to stop.

  2. I don't think Coda is trying to stop the music, Brandy does the same when I am trying to read. Nice that you have someone to chase the deer away. Brandy tries to chase the squirrels off, but they set on the top of the fence and squirrel giggle.