Saturday, September 5, 2015

Grass, Good and Bad

Ed got a new lawn mower while I was in Utah. The Cub Cadet finally gave up the ghost. The good news is, that there is room in the shed for two riding mowers!

Ed took the day off yesterday to try out his new mower, but also had time to go for a walk with Coda and me. The Baltimore water department could use a mower on the fire path, as the grass is over Coda's head!

It was a warm day, and Coda laid down in the water to cool off.

Ed and I were had to buck up and wait till we got home to cool off!

We cleaned up and rewarded ourselves with dinner at Tao Asian Cuisine, a brand new restaurant in Eldersburg. We give it an A for atmosphere, service and good food. It was so good we all but licked our plates clean!

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