Monday, September 7, 2015

Renaissance Festival in Crownsville

Ed took me to the Renaissance Festival in Crownsville today. We hadn't been to a Renaissance Festival in years, but Amanda and Nolan's trip to one in Minneapolis inspired us to get out and yell Huzzah!

My favorite part was having my hair braided. I also learned how to do a French twist.

The braiding was free with the purchase of a pair of pokey sticks. I got pretty red beaded ones to match my shirt.

We enjoyed the music and plays, as well as some very unhealthy food. We stopped at almost every vendor. We got stuck having to root for the dark Knight at the jousting tournament, but it was okay because he spoke German.

It was a hot day, but very fun. Ed was able to talk me out of buying full costumes for ourselves, so we got out without too much damage. But now I wonder what we'll wear if we come back next year!

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