Monday, September 7, 2015

Piddle, Paddle, Pedal

Saturday was the second annual Piddle, Paddle, Pedal Mini-Triathlon. Team Bush was in much better shape this year, so we increased the mileage for each leg of the trip just a little.

We placed the kayak on the left side of our peninsula, so as to make us have to go around the tip on our way back to the boat dock.

Instead of walking down Oakland road, we popped into the fire road through our neighbors' yards across the street. That added about half a mile.

It was a hot day, and we were plenty glad we had stashed some water bottles in the kayak.

Our new route added about 15 minutes to our kayaking, which was just enough to make me a little sea sick!

We stowed the kayak at the boat dock, and picked up our bikes there.

Last year I had to walk my bike up the steep road from the boat dock, but this year it was much easier. Who knew loosing a few pounds could make such a difference?

We added a loop along Melville Road on our bikes to extend the time a little. It made our time about 1/2 hour longer than last year, which was just right.

Here are our stats from MapMyWalk. We did a total of 5.43 miles in 1:46. About half that time was spent setting up my camera to take our pictures. It was all part of the fun!

We let Coda come along to retrieve the kayak. She was quite annoyed to be left out of the fun. We told her if she can learn to ride a bike by next summer, we'll let her come along on our next triathlon!

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