Friday, November 27, 2015

For the Birds

Ed and I started the morning with a long walk along a dirt road through fallow cotton fields interspersed with a few copses of trees. We ran into a few duck hunters. Fortunately none of them shot at us!

We ate lunch in Belhaven at Spoon River. It was a quaint building with a great menu. Very upscale for a backwater town (no offense intended).

We drove to the Pocosin Lakes Wildlife refuge in search of birds. We were hoping jumping in front of the camera would scare some up. (This was Rachel's idea. She's the youngest of the bunch.)

Jumping didn't help, but driving to the other side of the lakes we found thousands of tundra swans in the water, as well as in flight. It was beautiful. Listening to them trumpet was also a unique experience.

We got back to the beach house in time for sunset on the pier. You have to hustle to do this in the winter, as sun sets about 5, but it is totally worth it! Another perfect day in the Carolinas!

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