Thursday, November 12, 2015

Greener Pastures

Today was Bamby's last day on earth. The farm has been sold and will change hands next week. Bamby was 30 years old and had had a wonderful and pampered life. She was a world champion Morgan horse in her youth and spent the rest of her life lording it over the rest of us. She knew who she was!

Lenny let her eat as much as she wanted of that delicious Senior feed for breakfast today.

Lockey, who has helped with the horses quite a bit, joined us for one last barn mucking!

Mr. Genes and Bali watched Bambury get led out of the barn and said, "Can we go, too?" The answer was, "No!"

We said one last goodbye with Ed, Sissy (Carol's niece), Alice (Carol's sister), Lenny and Lockey. The vet did a wonderful job and the end was quick and peaceful. The rain was a fitting backdrop to a melancholy event.

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