Sunday, June 12, 2016

Boston Birthday for Ed

Today was Ed's Boston birthday. I hope he had a nice day. I gave him a present and a card written on the back of a chocolate wrapper!

We started out with church at the Cambridge 2nd ward, a short walk from our apartment.

 We had lunch at Regina Pizzeria in the North End. Thanks for the recommendation from Elisa Beckman, who lives with her family outside Boston! It was delicious, and we have leftovers for our train ride home tomorrow!

We also had to stop at Mike's Pastry for dessert, as we've seen everyone with boxes from Mike's all over Boston. It was okay, but I think we erred by not getting the specialty cannelloni. Brownies and eclairs were not their specialty!

 We enjoyed walking along the harbor, which was like Baltimore's inner harbor on steroids!

We might have taken the Harbor cruise, but we only got a two day Go Boston card, which was not valid today. So we just watched, instead.

This big flag waving in the wind reminded us that  Boston is really one of the seats of liberty in the US.

We enjoyed seeing some great bagpipers busking in a square by Quincy market!

After resting for a few hours in the afternoon, we went out for a light and yummy salad dinner at Sweetgreens. It was located right at the end of the Boston Marathon. You can see a yellow line in the road outside our window that marks the end of the marathon.

We had a relaxing last day of our trip, with a mere 20,000 steps! And hopefully, Ed had a memorable birthday!

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