Thursday, June 9, 2016

Train to Boston

Ed and I had an adventure today, riding the Amtrak from Baltimore to Boston. It turned out to be a very comfortable, relaxing way of getting there.

The train wasn't crowded, and we enjoyed bulkhead seats with 10 feet of legroom, and a good view of the passing scenery. We also had time to do two crosswords and take a few catnaps as well!

We had another adventure, having rented our first Airbnb apartment. It was in the historic Whitwell house, a brownstone, right off Boston Commons.

It is a comfortable room with a kitchenette and bathroom, and happily, much less expensive than a hotel room here!

We walked through the Boston Commons and went out to dinner. The weather is 59 degrees and windy. We're hoping for warmer tomorrow!

After dinner we met at the Common Burial Grounds for a ghost tour with Haunted Boston.

Our tour guide, Meagan, did a terrific job telling us about murder and mayhem in historic Boston. So much so, that it was scary walking home in the dark afterwards! Tomorrow we walk the Freedom Trail!

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