Saturday, June 11, 2016

Charles River, Harvard and Fenway Park

We started this morning by crossing the Charles river to catch a river cruise.

The River cruise left from the Cambridge Mall and was a narrated tour of the sights along the river.

We couldn't hear much of the narration, as people were talking and the loudspeaker was echoing, but we met some interesting people on the boat. There were several teams of dragon boat racers, all made up of teams of breast cancer survivors. The Wonder Broads, from Canada explained to us a little about the races. I would like to be the drummer on the boat! Other teams were the Wellness Warriors and Dragon Rays. The motto of the Wonder Broads was Courage, Commitment and Comraderie. I thought that was wonderful!

We walked from Canal Park to Harvard University. Our Go Boston card included the cost of entrance to the Harvard Natural History Museum. We thought we'd check it out for Brittany.

It was impressive in size and scope. It had lots of animals in the Africa room, but they were all in glass boxes, rather than displayed in natural habitats.

We then crossed the river to the Harvard Business School, where Ed spent 9 weeks in 2005. It was fun seeing where he lived, ate and took classes for an Advanced Management Program.

Then it started to rain, and rather than walk three miles in the rain with no umbrellas (which we left in our apartment), I downloaded the Uber app and we took our first ride in an  Uber car!

The driver (here is his Dodge neon), was a BYU graduate from Utah who served a mission to South Africa around the same time as Brittany (Cape Town). His name was James Jones and he sings in an a capella group called Vocalosity. We're going to have to go see them perform sometime!

At Fenway park we bought some hot dogs while we waited for our tour of the park. They really got us in the mood for baseball!

We enjoyed seeing the baseball stadium and hearing stories about it. I enjoyed it much more than seeing a game, as it was only an hour long and we got to keep moving!

By the time we finally got back to our apartment we had another day with 22,000 steps! We thought we would take it easy tonight and rest up for tomorrow!

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