Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cabin Fever

I have to keep up with Barbara, who posted a very nice pictue of the family eating at Rachel's families cabin. I don't have a picture of everyone, but here is a representative of each family, Kate Brady, Brittany Bush and Barbara Stevens. They're all wrapped in blankets, sweaters and the warmth of family love. They were carrying on a rousing conversation. I started feeling left out, so I got up and took this picture. We had a little adventure driving to the cabin which involved something like Ed being right and Judy being wrong (with the directions). I wondered when the Stevens arrived even later than we did if their adventure was similar. No to put the blame on anyone, but David's instructions to drive past the Eldora ski area caused a little of the confusion. Either way, we got to see some lovely mountains and lots of beautiful, green pine trees on the way up.

Tonight we have a Whistling Prairie gig. We're doing Lonesome Pine, which we did two years ago with Barbara and Abby. We'll think of you as we sing it in really loud voices--Crystal's favorite vocal style. We're also doing Chattanooga Choo Choo, which Brittany told us Ed Melzer loved to sing when she played it. We're doing this with only about 3 practices. It's risky business!


  1. You picture is better than mine were. I wish I could tag it and have it go to my facebook. Kent and I also had disagreements on the way to the cabin but it was mostly me right and he wrong although we had a bit of give and take both ways. What a great place for a cabin. I'm so glad that it's in the family however distant:)

  2. Enjoyed reading your posts. Sounds like you all had an exciting and informative family trip. Judy, hope your eye is healing well. Speak to you soon! Love, Tom and Tina