Monday, August 24, 2009

Crystal at Bat

Can you see Crystal on the Jumbo-tron? She's pinch hitting for the Rockies. They really needed her Saturday night. They were down 6 to 3 in the 6th inning when they sent Crystal in (or maybe it was some guy named Stewart). Either way, the Rockies won 14 to 11, making our one and only live game of the summer an exciting evening. Ed got 3 tickets from work and another couple from work came with their son. Crystal, who loves watching sports, had a great time talking and screaming with Ed. I was totally entertained talking with Linda about our travels, scrapbooking, our children and so on. It was hard for us to talk sometimes, with all the excitement on the field. But, we worked through it, and had a great time as well. Here's a warning if you get the nachos at a Rockies game. GET A SPOON. It's more like chile with chips swimming in the bottom.

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