Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where Rivers Divide

The Highland Bookies met at Sheryl's house last night to discuss Where Rivers Divide. We really met to discuss our lives and the lives of those around us, as we hadn't met for 4 months! I wonder if our kids think we just talk about them all the time? They consitute really no more than 50% of our conversation! Fortunately, our children are in good places today, and there was no weeping or wailing going on on their account. Where Rivers Divide was a well-crafted book about a boy growing up on a dude ranch in Wyoming. We all enjoyed the stories of him rounding up the horses and going on bear hunts. Some of us felt that the author should have ended the book earlier. It was autobiographical, and we thought he turned out to be a wandering, unhappy adult. Nora thought the little boy was worked too hard as a child, but Diane said that that was the way it was on a farm (or ranch). Everyone helped out and was given responsibility at a young age. Judging by the lackluster description of his life as an adult, perhaps the author really did have an abusive childhood!
The Bookies all joined Facebook (somewhat reluctantly) this summer. We barely know how it works, but have been sucked into the cyperspace whirpool by other friends who are more savy and are posting fun pictures of their families and vacations.


  1. I like necklace you are wearing in this picture. Very stylin'

  2. I beg your pardon, you may have been sucked into the cyberspace whirlpool, but you did you fair sharing of recruiting.