Sunday, August 16, 2009

Goodby, Brittany and Amanda

Amanda and Brittany both went back to school yesterday, and it's pretty quiet around here. We miss them already. Crystal is so bored that she's poking me and torturing me. Who did she pick on when her sisters were still home? We felt sorry for Brittany, who had to pack her own car and drive all the way to Utah and unpack everything by herself. Amanda had 3 other helpers. We got a U-Haul and took it up to Greeley. She needed a bed, a desk, a dresser and her piano. We were able to unload it all quickly. She has a nice apartment, and we met Kathryn, one of her roommates. Her roommates are not LDS (yet), but they are consevative and very nice girls. I thought she'd have the bathroom to herself on Sunday morning, but Kathryn got up early to go to Catholic Mass. We had some family pictures taken on Friday. I hope they turned out nice. We had a good time posing, but we all came back with a rash of new mosquito bites. It was early evening, and near a stream, so you can imagine the feeding frenzy the mosquitoes went into when they found us!

Thursday night we had a Whistling Prairie gig at Highland Trail, a new senior housing place near us. They loved us! We were a little shaky, but we had picked songs they knew and loved. They were impressed that we had so much talent in our family. My favorite lady told me she thought I was one of the sisters! So we've established that they had bad eyesight and bad ears. No wonder we loved them (and vice versa)!


  1. The mosquitoes are so bad this year because of all the wet rain. Isaac was eaten alive at his last campout.If you get real lonely you could always come volunteer in my classroom once a week this year. Think on it:)

    I loved the story of your gig at Highland Trail. Bad eyesight and bad ears, very funny.

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