Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cousins in Maryland

Crystal, Ed and I are in Baltimore today, and Eli Stevens showed up and spent the afternoon with us. It was fun seeing him. He's turned to a real East Coast kind of guy now. He's truly gone to the dark side. He looked healthy and happy, and as always, was very entertaining to talk to. He was nice to just spend time in the car with us, while we drove around and looked at different neighborhoods and houses for sale. We didn't go inside any houses, but we loved the wooded neighborhoods with all the leaves on the streets. It is very beautiful. We grilled Eli about his girlfirend. That wasa also fun.

After it got dark we went out to dinner for some crab cakes, which were a real treat. I want to go to bed now, but Ed and Crystal pointed out that it's only 8 p.m. We might go for a little ride. So little time and so much to see and do! We

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  1. Judy, I think you and I are seeing one thing in common, the fall leaves! I truly feel like I'm living back east with all the colorful leaves! On our way to Stake Conference Sunday it was literally raining leaves!! Enjoy your trip and all the colors!