Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who Loves Crystal?

We're home from Utah, and have given up our youngest daughter to the Mission Training Center. We hope they're nice to her! It was pretty tough, but not as hard as sending Brittany to Afica alone from Denver International Airport. At least we were able to pass Crystal off to people who would take care of her. Although Brittany arrived safely in Africa, it was a long time before we were able to get that confirmation.

We stayed with Mom and Ed for a few days. We really appreciated their love and support. They even re-opened short order grill for Ed when he arrived late Tuesday evening.

Annette and Nikki fed us some turkey soup on Monday (after our long drive through the mountains). I've got to get myself a pasta maker. The home-made noodles were to die for!

We bought a few sweaters for Crystal Tuesday after we realized that the next two months she would not be having the hot, humid climate of El Salvador. Ed suggested the MTC should have simulated climates for the countries the missionaries will be living in.

Here is Brittany giving Crystal one of her last hugs (one with no tears involved, yet). We'll have to send cyber-hugs from now on. It's so tough to have Crystal gone, but we're so looking forward to our weekly email. We missed those after Brittany returned from South Africa.


  1. Just wait you wait, those extra blessings are going to start pouring in any time now!