Monday, November 2, 2009


Crystal and I went to Gettysburg today. It was my first experience driving in Baltimore, but Brenda (our GPS unit) got us there with no problem. We have a big white Mercury car, which we call "The Boat." It's unattractive on the outside, but very comfortable inside, very much like riding around in an easy chair. I found Gettysburg to be a very emotional experience. We watched a movie and saw a giant diorama. I can't listen to the Gettysburg address without crying. It's like a very beloved passage of scripture. I'm so grateful for the sacrifices of those who fought to preserve the Union. We did the short driving tour of the battlefield, as we needed to hurry back to meet our realtor. It reminded me of Custer's last stand with trees and greenery.

We saw lots of really great trees. Some of them were red and yellow. This was one of our favorite trees. We found it in the cemetery at Gettysburg. We hope to have a dozen such trees in our back yard when we move to Baltimore.

In the afternoon Crystal and I went out with the realtor. At first I felt sorry for Ed that he was missing out on all the fun, but after we saw some pretty depressing houses I felt like Ed was lucky that we were sparing him the pain. Later we saw a few houses that were little nicer. None of them were as nice as our house in Broomfield (inside), but they alll had better yards. The acre-sized lots were just beautiful.

Ed had fun at work today, mostly because he got a new badge that says "Vice President" on it, and because he got his own little refrigerator in his very large office. He gets pleasure out of small things!

Tomorrow we'll go to the temple in the morning, and out with Ron (our realtor) in the afternoon. Going out with Crystal is great. She is just as good at remembering house details as her dad. She's been trained at the feet of the master!

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