Monday, November 30, 2009

So Much to be Thankful For

We enjoyed Thansgiving with Verlene and Paul this year, in their new house. We missed Crystal (in the MTC) the Stevens family (in Utah and Chile), especially since this will be our last Thanksgiving in Denver. It makes us especially nostalgic. But, it couldn't have been a finer day to put in our memory book. The temperatures were in the low 70s, and after we ate we sat on the back deck and digested. From the deck we could enjoy a spectacular view of the front range mountains. Brandy enjoyed chasing a ball and coming back to get scratched behind the ear. She has a great life. Ed spent a good portion of his time in the study getting Verlene and Paul's new computer networked.
My carrot pudding turned out great.  The flan pan was the perfect pan to cook it in.
After dinner we went over to the church where the Twisted Sisters played a short family gig consisting of Angelina Baker, The Old Home Fill 'Er Up and Keep on Truckin' Cafe, and Over the River and Through the Woods. Matt and Brent Reichman dressed as fat old men and did the speak-singing on the Cafe song. Matt said it was every bit as much fun as he had imagined it would be!

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