Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things are looking up!

Ed is home for the weekend, wearing his new Baltimore Ravens jersey. How quickly his loyalty (to the Denver Broncos) is changed! It makes it easy to give up on the Broncos when they have a season like the one they just finished.

We're feeling more positive this weekend. We haven't signed the contract for our new house yet, but everything looks good. There are just a few details we need to work out with the builder. Ed will meet with him next week, and hopefully, we'll be able to finish the contract. We also got a new appraisal on our current home that significantly brightened our view of the future.

I cleaned and sorted one of the storage rooms this week. Just two more to go, then the basement will be ready to pack. We're hoping to close on the new house February 10th, so we don't have much time left to get everything done.

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