Friday, January 8, 2010

Back in Baltimore

I feel bad that I've written nothing during the holidays. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time, and enjoyed having Ed, Brittany and Amanda all home. I'm not sure what we did during that time, but some of it included Beatles Rock band, and other times crossword puzzles from my new book.

I know how Ed spent the last four days of our holiday--reviewing and appealing our appraisals on our home in Broomfield. He has sent his treatise in, and one of the appraisers has already called to come over and re-measure the house. He admitted he made some mistakes, and that he was under some pressure to try to go low on the house. I think he is no longer under that pressure, and he seems willing to correct his mistakes. He was so impressed with Ed's evaluation that he told him he should start a business of evaluating appraisals.

In the meantime, Ed looked at a house on Wednesday that had just come back on the market after having been under contract for 6 months. The people were unable to get a loan, and the builders decided to find new buyers. We're hoping to be those new buyers.  I got a flight to Baltimore with about three hours notice, as we thought we should act quickly if we want this house. Here is a picture of the house. It's on Oakland Road in Sykesville. We think it is very beautiful on the outside. The inside has lots of square footage, which we like. We'd like to upgrade the kitchen if we bought it. Although the house has never been lived in, it seems to have been outfitted inexpensively in the kitchen area. This house has a strange history. It was built as the first house of 10 in a small subdivision. The other houses haven't been built yet, but the new builder is planning on putting in the road and dividing the lots this year. It is close to Liberty Reservoir, which is the water supply for Baltimore and Carroll counties. It has two family rooms. We think we'd make the living room into a study and the study into a music room. It could work out just great for us.

So, we'll just wait and see and pray that whatever happens, in the end we'll find something that will be the best choice for us.


  1. It's a beautiful house. I am so excited for you. What an adventure you and your family are going to have on the east coast. I am sure the culture shock is going to be similar to moving to a foreign country.

  2. Hey, Judy! It is gorgeous. I am glad that something new opened up for you!