Monday, February 8, 2010

The Fabric of Life

Yesterday was a bittersweet day at church. It was a great meeting,with testimonies by so many people we know and love. We've seen them all grow and serve faithfully for the past 7 years. It was like a microcosm of life right there in Sacrament meeting. The choir presented me with the most incredible momento--a quilt sign by all of them. Phyllis passed out the squares, collected them and sewed them all together. Robin embroidered a sign in the middle that says "We Made a Joyful Noise." They certainly did. I loved the choir so much.

Kenna hosted an open house for us in the evening. It was fun mingling one last time with our dear friends from church. Ed says we have to move now or everyone would be mad at us if we stayed.


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  2. I won't be mad if you stayed!! I'm thinkin though if we made a permanent move out of this, maybe we'd get a quilt!!!

  3. It sure looks like I will not be the only one who will miss you! I am pleased you have made so many friends while you were here. I am feeling kinda bad because we did not do anything special for you, but why reward you for bad behavior (leaving). Glad you were not there for the big snow storm.