Monday, February 15, 2010

Leave the Driving to Ed

We had dry roads all the way across the country this weekend. We apparently stayed ahead of the storm. We saw Kansas had a 30 car pile up on the freeway yesterday. We were lucky to get away on Friday afternoon, thanks to our very efficient movers!

Other than two short periods, where I spelled him, Ed did all the driving himself. We listened to a book on tape (Stone Cold by David Baldacci), and when that got tiring I rested on my lady bug pillow (thank you, Verlene!). We drove into town yesterday, just as our book drew to an end. All the good guys killed all the bad guys in a very definitive, if not entirely satisfying dénouement.

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  1. I saw the KS pile up on the news. I was happy you and posted you were in Topeka the night before. I figured you made it through before the accident.