Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walk Through

We went over to the house yesterday for a final walk-through. There are a few items left for the builder to fix, but we were pleased that they had plowed the driveway and a path to the service door. Here are Ed and Ron (our realtor) shoveling a path to the front door. The storm that was predicted last night turned out to be a bust (thankfully). We are planning on closing on the house this afternoon and the movers will come tomorrow. We don't have any idea where they will park the vans. We went to Home Depot to buy a mail box. Three people asked us if the snow plows had run over our mail box, too. They suggested waiting till the thaw to put up a mail box. We might be picking up our mail at the post office for a while.

We saw two bright red cardinals in the trees behind our house. They reminded us of spring, despite the deep snow surrounding the house.


  1. What a beautiful picture. I'm sure that the cardinals will brighten the bleak mid-winter for your:)

  2. I can not believe that your realtor is helping with the shoveling. You have a really good realtor! If I recommend him to anyone I knew that was moving to the area, and I haven't even met him!

  3. Wow, you made it! Your house it beautiful! I can't wait to visit now that you're on the same coast!

    I'm glad you guys didn't get hit as hard with the snow as I imagined. It still looks like an impressive amount of snow, though!

    I really enjoyed reading about your trip out. The pie looks amazing!