Friday, February 19, 2010

Homowners Again!

We closed on our new house Tuesday, and celebrated with some Triscuits, Gatorade and orange juice (what was left in our cooler from driving across country). It ws quite euphoric! The next morning reality set in. Ed went to work and I met the movers. The truck with the musical instruments caused such a stir in the neighborhood that a traffic accident ensued in front of my house. It involved a neighbor in the driveway staring at the truck while pulling head first into the side of a passing vehicle. The truck driver was unharmed. However, he couldn't turn around and had to back his big rig a half mile up the street to get out of the neighborhood.

The first of our other vans came shortly thereafter with their U-haul. In order to get everything in the house they moved it to the U-haul first, then drove into the driveway to unload it. I spent the first morning digging a path from the front door around to the back of the house. They used it to move the items into the basement. My arms are still sore from that. I was happy, however not to feel left out from the storm of the century. We didn't experience it while the snow was falling, but we have been inconvenienced enough by the aftereffects that we, too will have a story to tell years from now when people are reminicsing about the "big one."

We slept in our own bed Wednesday night. Well, I slept. Ed stayed awake listening to the furnace whistle in the intake vent. He got up at 4 a.m. to adjust the vent. Getting showered was also an adventure.  We hadn't realized that the hot water was set on the lowest setting. So, one of us had a hot bath. The other had a cold shower. You can see this probably put Ed in a good mood. To cheer him up, his car was delivered to his work yesterday. But to make him sad it took an hour to get home. He had driven the commute several times before buying the house. It was always about 40 minutes. Hopefully, the last two days don't represent his future commute time.

Today I'm going to unload some more boxes. There are 942 of them! I'm hoping to find a sauce pan in one of them!


  1. Wow, what a story! I can't believe your instrument truck caused an actual accident! Wow, what a way to get to know the neighbors, right? I'm glad you guys are getting settled in! Good luck with all those boxes--sounds like fun!

  2. Yahoo! finally a post. Good luck with those 942 boxes.