Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dead Wood

Our little copse is full of dead wood. We decided to clean some of it up today and drag it over to a pile of dead wood that has been stacked up by the developer to be removed later. I had asked them permission to add to their pile earlier in the week. We spent about 4 hours this morning dragging wood out. Here Ed is sawing a dead tree in half with a hand saw. We need a chain saw!

Some of the pieces were logs and required two of us. That was hard work.  Ed and I each dragged some medium size limbs to the pile, and I carted the smaller pieces in the wheelbarrow. We are very tired now. That's why I'm taking a blogging break! It was a beautiful day and we got a lot done! I hear we're missing a nice snowstorm in Denver. Oh, well!


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  2. This weekend while the Coloradoans are shoveling snow and Ed and Judy are being woodcutters, Jim and Coreen get to hike to the top of a castle ruin right in their neighorhood. Quite a view!!